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  • I was just curious. I have heard about pit bosses getting curious when somebody is winning alot of money, that maybe they are counting cards or something. Is it something where you always have to worry about them if you are up a few hundred dollars. I have'nt played in a casino yet, but I was just wondering if it was something where you constantly have to look over your shoulder that they may be watching you. I know basic strategy, but not card counting. Thanks alot!
  • If your up a few hundred bucks and the floor is looking at your chips or watching you play it's probably because he needs to know how much you're up. They don't necessarily think your counting...but they do have to keep track of their much the table is up or down and who got the money. So if they're looking at your chips...they're probably counting them so they know how much to walk you with. A good floor will be able to watch how you play and know if you're counting or not pretty quickly.
  • Thanks alot for the reply. Another quick question. How can they tell if you are counting. What in the way you play tips them off that you are a counter? Thanks!
  • barking dogs said:
    Thanks alot for the reply. Another quick question. How can they tell if you are counting. What in the way you play tips them off that you are a counter? Thanks!

    If your not casual while you're going about your counting then they can pick up on that. I can tell you when I counted for the first time in a Vegas casino they were very keen on watching me and my pal as were were beginners at counting. That was our first test run and weren't sure on what to expect. Now we know what to expect and can prepare ourselves better. I always say it is very easy for a person who isn't prepared and doesn't have a plan B and C to get caught or attract heat.

    Some things I wouldn't recommend you do that can attract heat...

    - Don't sit there like a robot and stare heavily at the cards as if that is the only thing you are interested in. Be aware if your surroundings and the people around you. If a waitress come up and asks you if you want a drink you need to be able to answer her with atleast a simple acknowledgment and beable to keep the count. Also if the pit boss comes over and asks you if you want to be rated and the dealer is dealing out cards at the same time you need to be able to naturally handle that situation with simple acknowledgment and attention to what you are counting.

    - If your playing with a partner don't simultaneiously increase or decrease your bets at the same time. We made a big mistake of doing this as novice counters and the dealer called over the pit boss just because we went from a $10 to a $25 bet at the same time. hahahaha. I think it is a plus to be friendly to the dealer. I once played at a table in Vegas in which the dealer thought there was something up but he was very friendly and cool about because I was being nice to him and talking to him. He cracked a joke at me and called me "Rainman". Some dealers can be nice to you if you are nice to them. Some dealers sometimes aren't in the mood to make friends. They say not to tip the dealer but if a dealer has a hunch about me and keeps quiet I will tip him. I also hear stories that kindness to the deal can pay off and sometimes get you slightly better penetration.

    - Again make sure you are aware of everything around you. Just because the pit bosses aren't standing over the table doesn't mean you aren't being watched. They wil still try to watch you from their little desk in the middle of the pit too. Pitt bosses depend on where you are playing. The Vegas ones seem educated, but the ones in Atlantic City seem to not have a clue.

    - If your with someone don't talk about card counting inside the casino. It can wait till you leave.

    Point to all this is that you gotta be able to blend in with all the amateur players at the table. I usualy throw in dumb amateur comments like saying dumb crap like "come on monkey!" .. "big one!.. small one!.. BUST!!!" or if a player has a dumb myth that they think that works just go along and agree with it. hahaha. I try to bring attention to the pitt boss that I am as clueless as the dope sitting next to me.

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