Security Camera Room Tour?
  • Pardon my ignorance if this is a stupid question....

    Is it possible to get a tour of the 'security camera room'?
    I'm making my first trip to Vegas this year and thought it would be neat to see how the cameras are monitored. Just curious as to how many people are monitoring the cameras and how they watch everything. Also wonder, is someone actually watching every hand dealt, or are they just 'spot-checking'.

    Thanks to anyone who offers advice on this subject.
  • I am sure the tour of the surveilance room should be no problem. Just ask after you go on the tour of the count room.
  • I've never been on the count room tour, but the surveillance room tour is pretty good. I got tickets to the 7:30 tour last time and it was pretty interesting. One of the guys was pretty cool and let me swivel the cameras around a bit.
  • This guy really might believe you!
  • I wanna ride the tiny car that hauls the quarters from the slot machines to the count room.
  • Okay, I see LOTS of sarcastic replies in here.
    Maybe it's not likely to get a tour, but it has been done in the past for some.
    Read here...

    Go down to the link that says Behind-the-Scenes-Look at Casino Surveillance
  • Thanks for the link. That was an interesting article. I see that the tour was offered only as part of the Global Gaming Casino. Therefore you probably have to either be a casino employee or have a gaming license or be some way working in the gaming industry to even attend that convention??? I doubt that any average joe would be able to take the $25 survallence tour.
  • i_dream_of_Jaynie3367 said:
    I wanna ride the tiny car that hauls the quarters from the slot machines to the count room.

    Who says you can't. Just hop on the back with one foot and hold on to the railing. They are there for us to use, most of the operators don't mind if you hitch a ride. One time I did it from the craps pit to the bathroom...
  • Right... LOL!

    One time me and my cousin ran into a well known NFL football player in Las Vegas at the Venetian and we happend to be infront of the chip redemtion window which was also located right next to the hallway to the countroom. My cousin wanted to get a picture of us with him. So we got in a picture not taking notice that our backs were turned so the countroom hallway and the coin redemption was in the background... so the football players buddy offered to take our picture. Soon as we were ready and set to take the photo security came out and told us "No! You can't take pictures in this area!". So me and my cousin were like "Aww come on we are only trying to take a photo with one of the best NFL football players in the league." It was so obvious we weren't up to anything but that.

    Also the time my friends girlfriend was watching us play (count) blackjack. My friend got a blackjack and she asked the dealer if she could snap a picture of his blackjack hand, and the dealer said "Sure go ahead!" So when she was ready to take the picture the pitt boss came storming over and said "No! You're not allowed to take photos at the table!" hahahaha.

    These are all non-sarcastic true stories by the way.

    Casinos are so freakin paranoid.

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