Two questions
  • I understand and use BS as described by Renzey and appreciate his variations to BS when applicable. I agree with his soft 18 plays vs. dealer 9,10,A. I've also read elsewhere that one should stay with the soft 18 vs. dealers A if the dealer does not hit his soft 17. I play a multideck game in AC. What other opinions are out there?
    One other thought.
    When the dealer checks his hole card to see if he has BJ with a ten showing and does not have an Ace, does he then know if he has a ten in the hole? If so can we somehow use that to our advantage? Maybe ask his advice on a hard 16 or something similar to gage his reaction?
  • When the dealer checks under a ten or an Ace, he can only see if he has a blackjack or not. The A and 10 can be seen (in the mirror checkers) but any other card shows nothing.
  • Thank you for your response. So what you're saying is even if the dealer had a ten in the hole,he would not know it because it did not make a BJ. I don't understand that,but I'll take your word for it.-Thanks
  • Here's how it works on the tables that check with the mirror: When the dealer has a 10 value card showing, he/she will bring the cards straight down (vertical) into the checker. There is an extra 'A' in the proper corners when the Ace is checked this way. When an Ace is showing, the dealer will turn the cards sideways to check. There is an extra '10' in the proper corners for this way. Therefore, if you were to bring an upside down 10 into the checker vertically, you would see nothing, but horizontally, you'd see the '10'. And the same (but opposite) with Aces.

    The tables with the green/red lights work the same way, but instead of an extra 'A' or '10', there's a black mark in the proper corner that would cause the light to go red. No black mark, and it turns green.
  • Notice how the dealer checks the hole card. When checking for a ten, he/she slides it into the angle bracket vertically. When the dealer is checking for an ace, he/she slides it into the angle bracket horizontally.
  • Thank you. That I can understand. I can't believe I never noticed that myself! I'll check it out this Friday.
  • I learn something new just about every time I use this site! Thanks.
  • njbella said:
    I've also read elsewhere that one should stay with the soft 18 vs. dealers A if the dealer does not hit his soft 17.

    This is true for single deck.

    njbella said:
    What other opinions are out there?

    BS varies because of rules and number of decks, but it is never a matter of opinion.
  • The rule for soft 18 vs dealer Ace is quite clear-cut for Dealer Hits soft 17 games. What most folks don't know, is that its a close call when Dealer stands on soft 17.

    Nonetheless, hit the A7 against a Dealer Ace. Now things get a bit interesting on 3-CARD soft 17. Consider A34, or A25, or A6A. In games of 4 decks or less this is stand. (CSM 4-decks also!)

    Its barely advisable to hit with 6 or 8 decks...Figure a loss of 10% no matter what.

    I recommend to hit 2 card Soft 18 vs. Ace when dealer stands soft 17, and its player choice for 3 cards.
  • njbella- You ask about the situation when you have 16 and the dealer
    shows a 10, looks at his hole card and does not have BJ. Can you take
    advantage of that?

    More or less, you are asking if you can prod the dealer to show something
    like a "poker tell" and generally the answer is no. You see, the dealer is very
    much a robot and has no skin in the game. His actions are automatic and
    normally unbiased, very different from a poker player.

    I say "generally" and "normally" which leaves some wiggle room don't it? The
    dealers that are subject to show a tell are few and far between. You may
    need to know a great deal about personality typing and transactional analysis
    to recognize this individual. Who is he? He is the guy that takes beating you
    personal and is ego driven to be sure. That said, my advice is to forget it....
  • The dealer sees the 10 or the ace ,or he sees nothing at all.There is not much to tell,if its a black jack we flip it if its not we only know its not ,same as you know.
    Bye to way , most dealers are on your side.Awinning table is way more fun to deal to.The job is easier if you just bust and can pay the line,nothing to think about there,and if people are winning the tips are better.I will help most players any way I can.the only time I hope against a player is if he is rude or some kind of jerk,and there are not that many of those.

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