tournament thoughts
  • 1) Is there anywhere to play tournaments for fun and gain some experience.
    2) Since the game is becoming so diluted with rule changes should the serious BJ player consider tournaments as his new venture.
    I am thinking along the lines of tournament play because here in canada most BJ games are 8 deck. Tournaments here are run often
    3) Does anyone think Hit And Stand will branch into a tournament forum and fun tournies to better ones skills.

  • Actually I mostly see CSM in are "lucky" to find 8 deck shoe local casinos are Indian or Canada also....the BJ games they offer are impossible to win! If I didnt know better Id swear they are fixed....I have all but stoped playing....

    I watch 4 or 5 tables on an average day and NO ONE WINS!!!! I play perfect BS....Im thinking the numbers on odds are much worse then anyone lists for the 8 deck shoe....its seems impossible the lose so much so consistantly with very few winning streaks...

    I think the slots pay better odds than the 8 deck shoes game...
  • The casino I frequent is Point Edward charity casino.
    I`m a fairly skilled poker player ( ring & tourney) but desire a new challenge that will give me some chance to win. Blackjack seems to fit the bill. BUT!!!! There are so few decent games out there that I feel the better intelligent players will sway towards BJ tournies.
    I am really hoping Hit & Stand will start devoting time to this worthwhile endeavour.

  • Everett Washington is a BJ tournament hotbed. You can play a tournament everyday of the week and two per day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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