Dealer giving incorrect advice
  • Curious as to anyone's reaction to this situation:

    1st base was dealt 7,4 vs dealer's 10 and took a hit.
    I was at 3rd with A,A and split.
    After the hand, 1B turns to me and says, "Does the book say I should have doubled?"
    Dealer immediately interrupted and said, "You shouldn't ever double when the dealer has a 10."
    I said to 1B, "Yes, the book says to double."
    Dealer then turns to tells me that I shouldn't have split my A's vs. 10.

    I don't mind when the dealer gives a bit of advice (assuming it's valid), but when it's patently incorrect, it REALLY bothered me.

    Other than getting up and leaving the table, how would you recommend handling a situation like that.
  • I'm no expert, but I do know Basic Strategy and refer to my cheat sheet (BS card) from time to time when playing.

    I have noticed many times that the dealers' advice is not the correct Basic Strategy.

    So, either the dealer
    A) doesn't KNOW basic strategy, or
    B) advises based on other unproven logic or hunches, or maybe even
    C) gives bad advice so casino wins more money
    Doubt this one - does dealer really care if casino wins?

    My general rule of thumb is to only give advice to another player when asked.
    I do sometimes offer my advice when a player is being advised wrong by either another player or the dealer.

    Another question.....
    If dealers don't know Basic Strategy, how do they spot card counters? Or is this done by the pit or surveillance people?
  • A dealer isn't there to catch card counters, he's there to deal, period. Also a dealer should keep his mouth shut if he doesn't know proper basic strategy and any decent casino would force their dealers to learn/know BS by heart because they frequently get asked questions such as "What should I do with ..." and if the wrong answers are given, especially when other players at the table have to correct them, it will make for an unhappy blackjack game where people get up and leave.

    I would have calmly told the person who asked what should be done, as nice as I could muster disagree with the dealer and present a brief argument and then I would tell a pit boss/floor manager because that dealer is bad for business. There is no need to lie to people about how to play hands, the house has a big enough advantage with basic strategy being played, and we all know that even in today's world many ppl misplay a lot of hands.

  • Dealers never seem to give good advice, ignore it!
  • PhilTex-
    Tell the dealer that he is wrong,over and out!
  • Dealing schools and casinos do not teach dealers basic strategy, they teach them to deal, and their methods of doing things.
    Most dealers know what they know by either watching the players over time or by playing themselves. Since perhaps over 99% pf tje blackjack playing public does not know basic strategy perfectly, it is not surprising that the vast majority of dealers also do not know basic strategy.
    Some pits know basic strategy but most of them do not know it perfectly.
    Some casinos will have a counter catcher who will know basic strategy, or either someone in surviellance or a computer program up in the eye.

    If the dealer gives bad advice, so be it. If you are not asked by the player just be quiet and perhaps even if asked you should not volunteer info because it can backfire on you because nothing works all the time.

  • Why deal with it at all.Who cares what the dealer thinks.You know what your doing so do it.I submit that most people who would ask know less than the average dealer so there is little harm done.
    There is always,and I mean always,somebody to give advise and most of the time they dont have two thirds of clue.One of my favs,they heard once that you dont take the dealers bust card so they stay on soft 14,and give lessons to the others.If you are an expert player,you will never be at a table with six players and a dealer who know as much as you do(unless you have your own team)so relax and let them say what they will.Play your game good skill.
  • This is a tough situation for the person who wants to try out blackjack and has no clue as to how to play. Unless they invest a whopping $3 or so on a basic strategy card (free on the internet) and then make sure they are playing the same game as the card says, they will get horrid advice. The average table has a couple of players who give everyone advice and have no clue how to play and a dealer who learned his strategy from these same bad players.
    Ask the pit? Last night I witnessed a pit tell a player that splitting her 2,2 vs the dealer 5 is a bad play, so she hit, got a 2, then a 8 and lost. Based on the cards that fell to other players, she would have won 5 bets instead of losing 1 bet. As I said earlier most pits do not know and they also have no interest in your winning. Between the U.S. and overseas, I have played blackjack in possibly more than 100 different casinos and I know of one and just one pit, who when asked will pull a basic strategy card from his wallet and show the player what it says if he is asked.

  • i'v learned the hard way-player has A/7vs9,10,or Ace you have to make sure the dealer doesn't go right past you,assuming you want to stand! doesn't that tell it all?
    i'v learned the hard way-player has A/7vs9,10,or Ace you have to make sure the dealer doesn't go right past you,assuming you want to stand! doesn't that tell it all?

    You should let them make that mistake. If it is a good card ,call it to their attention. Any decent casino/pitboss will allow you to do this once.It's like getting a free ride. If its a good card,you'll get it. If its a bad card,you get to skip it and still have this trick up your sleeve for the next situation.

    in addition to learning BS,I'd highly recommend you read Max Rubins "Comp City".Even if you never learn to count cards,this book will show you how to earn comps worth well more than your losses.
  • I would answer..." Well lets see, if I were standing there dealing cards, employed by the casino... would I answer any question truthfully?, if it meant my job?"

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