• The last time I played, I lost $700 in less than a hour. I bet between $25-$300.

    I dont know how to count cards at all and never tried, I just play by the book.

    The dealer said that I didnt have enough patiences.

    Lately when I play, I am always trying to get my money back. I never start off winning.

    PLease help me out guys. I need some tips or like some rules that i can follow.
  • First of all, if you don't count, why are you varying your bets? And secondly, for betting up to $300 a hand, you got off easy by only losing $700.

    Patience has nothing to do with it. Had you kept up that pace, you may have gone bankrupt.
  • Good god man lower your bet. If you dont count I would flat bet max 1/2 percent of my bankroll. Take care.

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