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  • At my local casino the only two games open when i can play are CSMs or
    25 min DD,dbl any,no das,split 4x(aces ok),shoe,cut card 50-60%.
    I have often seen dealers encourge players to try two hands(change the luck)
    Player must bet min.50 for two hands.With double up after win(with good count),this seems to be 25-200 spread.Is this ok and will it get heat?
    I am still new to counting and use KO. Thanks for any help.
  • What are the conditions for the CSM game? can you DD after split?

    Figure most CSM's are 4 or 5 deck.
  • First off, is the game H or S on soft 17. If the dealer is hitting her soft 17's, with only 50% penetration it is a borderline game where you need that 8-1 spread, but using 2 hands of 4-1 is not the same as one hand of 8-1 because of the reduced variance. It is actually closer mathematically to a 6-1 spread on a single hand.
    If the dealer has to stay on soft 17 then even with the poor penetration a spread like the one you mentioned should give you a good return long run.

    Heat is very dependent upon the casino. I recently played a double deck game where they only cut off half a deck, and the dealer stayed on soft 17. No obvious heat but after about 40 minutes of my best act, but winning quite a bit, they suddenly began to cut off more than a deck letting me know they were on to me. You need to figure out if this casino has tossed other counters, if their pit or eye is even qualified enough to figure out what you are doing, and how much tolerance they have to a $200 max bet. There are casinos in Vegas for instance that might back off a guy going from $10 to $50 in his spread and others where a $200 max bet is pretty well tolerated if you do make it obvious.

    It comes down to you needing to know all you can about your opposition.

  • Thanks for the response.Both the DD and the CSM are hit soft 17,the CSM
    you can das.The CSM is 5-200.As I have only flat bet when practicing,I will
    soon try spreading with the count and see what attention it gets.
  • McGee

    Your double deck game being H-17 and no DAS, is not a good game. Your spread would barely give you any advantage at all if that much. With the poor penetration and those rules, I would not play it or the CSM game.

    If in addition you can not double any first two cards in the DD game, it is even worse.

  • Csm? Do You Mean Continual Shuffling Machine? How Can You Count In A Game Employing A Csm?
  • My guess is that he only plays the DD game which is not a CSM game.

  • Thanks for the input.I meant those were my only options,and I only play
    the DD.Looks like I will travel a little more and find a better game.
  • DAS is going the way of the carrier pidgeon in DD games, buy airline tickets.
  • McGee said:
    Thanks for the input.I meant those were my only options,and I only play
    the DD.Looks like I will travel a little more and find a better game.

    If you spread your bets 1-8 units you have a small advantage in that game. NOt much though...maybe .5% positive. I play a game with the same rules but with 75%+ pen im getting over 1.5% advantage!~

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