Mississippi Casinos
  • Does anyone know if casinos have re-opened in Biloxi or Gulfport? I read reports last year of very good games being offered at these casinos.
  • I was sent a quick e-mail by a fella I keep in touch with about such things... a guy (and his lovely wife) I played 21 and keno with for a number of years. When Biloxi opened years back he was constantly reminding me to get there and play the DD games. I did on several occasions and found them to be "like the good old days". 10-50 not even given a glance. A drink or two some conversion when enjoined, and just a good time playing and staying. (Dam hot there though... just like Vegas)

    He tells me that Katrina and the Waves has removed the friendly atmosphere, along with the friendly games. We're talkin business now. Thats about all he said, and thats enough for me surmise that the rules aren't as generous.

    If someone else has some actual conditions, I'd appreciate it (as would others here).

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