Difference in Casinos in Europe?
  • I'm going to spend May in London and Paris. I've never been to a casino (or Europe) before.
    Has anyone been to one over there, that can tell me if there is a big difference? I have to assume that there are similarities, as well as differences in all the games.

    I think it will be weird to go to a French casino, (assuming, there ARE French casinos, and not speaking even one word of the language) Talk about a risk.
    What if I sat down at a table and they were playing a game called 22, instead of 21. :)
  • For the casinos I've been to in Europe (Germany, Austria & Czech Republic), the primary differences I've noticed are these:

    The atmosphere was much more business-like. Dealers didn't laugh & talk with the customers.

    Dealer gets dealt one card only until it's their turn to play.

    People standing behind you and betting at your space (while you play the hand) was commonplace.

    The casinos were very much into efficiency. CSM's were common. Even at the roulette table, after each spin all the chips that weren't on a winning space were pushed into an opening in the table where they were then sorted and stacked automatically (and quickly). No need for a 2nd person to assist with that.

    Overall, the atmospere of excitement just wasn't there.

    But all those observations were from just a few visits. Your experience in London & France may be much diffrerent.

    Good luck!!
  • Mike things may have changed since I last played in Nice and Monte Carlo 25 years ago but I remember The casinos there were more like private clubs than public places. People seemed to be more interested in looking good than playing good. The word that comes to mind is snotty.Also I would bring a coat and tie though that may have changed from years ago. LOL
  • There are no casinos in downdown Paris, you have to go north of Paris for the nearest casino. They have a few 5 euro tables I believe, but you must wear a coat and tie to play table games. That's what the brochure said.
  • Well, Maybe I'll just skip casinos. I'm stopping in Miami for a week then to London and Paris, and I'm definitely not packing a coat and tie. I don't mean to sound sac-religious, but, I wouldn't wear a tie to a casino if Jesus Christ, himself, were dealing.

    Thanks for the info.
  • If Jesus Christ was dealing... I wouldn't be playing... BIG house advantage... and no one has more saves...lol

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