Zero Prox Count
  • I' ve been giving some thought about a counting system called the 0 proximity count. It sounds pretty good but I would like some opinions on this from the more experienced players. With this system you count cards in a normal hi lo fashion, but instead of raising your bet as the count increases, you raise as the count approaches 0. It says basic strategy works best for random cards, and a 0 count is a signature for random cards. The traditional card counter often misses these games while waiting for the count to hit a certain plateau. This system offers that that betting up as the count rises just doesn't cut it. In fact you are in your weakest position exactly as the count rises. Theres more to it but I need to know has anybody tried this or even heard of it. It supposedly works great with 6 deck games where the count doesn't fluctuate a lot. Any feedback would be great.
  • No, I haven't tried it.

    However to the trained eye, some of whats said is OK.

    As the score drops, the tens fall. As the score increases, the little ones fall. At ZERO there is an equal distribution.

    In therory, one bets flat until a positive score plateau is reached... as the score then decreases with the tens falling, one increases the bet until ZERO is achieved.

    But its flat minimum otherwise.
  • Its driving me crazy thinking about this zero prox count. I can't figure if its all just noise or if there is something to it. I read about it at[URL=" and I must say these guys sound like bozos the way they talk about it, but I don't really know how to discredit what they're saying. It kind of makes sense, but at the same time they really try to write off traditional counting as a way to play. Thats why I have a hard time buying into what they say. I was hoping that some of the experienced and more knowledgable players on this site could check it out and maybe explain why this does or doesn't work. And if it really is better than the usual way of raising the bets with the count. Thanks for any help with this.
  • JayJ-Sounds like another one of those after your money schemes. Your next bet is based on the true count at "that moment" and not on the fact that the count is increasing. How do we know that the count is increasing or decreasing, for that matter? Do we have some magic number that defines when the count is increasing or decreasing? Is it one, two, three, four rounds ,etc? The future is unknown and the past is history and we are not mystics. If "players" have not heard of it and no one else is singing the same song, what must you think?
  • JayJ- Ray is right this looks like something thats made up just to scam some money. These so called experts don't believe in random cards, there system relies on card clumping. They seem to think they can predict what the count is going to be. Well if that is the case than put the cards away and play the lottery because apparently with this system you can predict the future. These voodoo specialists also believe basic strategy doesn't work. They think its all a grand scheme thought up by the casinos because they sell basic strategy cards in their gift shops. They fail to realize that basic strategy doesn't assure winning play, it just makes your disadvantage smaller. If these so called experts can't follow the basic premise of the game of blackjack I would be very hesitant to take anything they said very seriously. They make outragous claims with nothing but opinion to back it up. When a system discounts math and supports things like card clump betting I put it in the same category as progression playing. And I value my financial security too much to play those type of "luck" systems. And if you're an advantage player I suggest stick to counting.
  • JayJ checked out the site. Looks like some guys trying to make money selling a book. Stick to whats been proven to work would be my advice.

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