11 against an Ace
  • 11 against an Ace

    the basic strat tables say to hit, not double down... BUT does that assume BJ is a possibility (10 hole card)? because everywhere I play, the way the hand is dealt, if the dealer has an ace, he checks his hole card and *only* if he doesnt have BJ does play continue and you choose to hit or double.

    so with the possibility of a 10 in the hole removed, don't the odds favor double down?
  • The charts are figured assuming the dealer doesn't have a blackjack. The ace is too 'versatile' a card meaning the dealer is more likely to make a hand even without a ten spot.

  • With an ACE showing, the dealer will make a hand 83% of the time and bust only 17%. (lowest bust rate for the dealer)

    Double on 11 vs Ace is valid for some games and depends on the decks(1,2) and/or rules(H17).
  • I should have mentioned that. In a 1 or two deck game doubling 11 vs. Ace is correct.


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