Shady Casino
  • Im staying at a hotel in the Carribbean, and Last night thier carribean stud game dealt out 2 aces of spades. This is a single deck game so, the deck had to have been modified. Ive heard on several other occasions that the blackjack decks are modified also, but that is harder to prove with a 6 deck shoe and 40% cut off. (Ive seen a joker dealt at the blackjack table here also)

    The explanation that the management gave for the extra ace was "The pit boss' do that and we can't keep track of that." Nothing else came of it more than losing mine and a few others business.

    My point of this post is just to let people know that any game outside the US is not kept in check by any means. Beware of the carribbean casinos. Also, is there a place to report shady business like this?
  • I have no idea if there is anyplace to report this sort of thing, I doubt there is... Whenever I go to a 'shady casino' and sit down to play some serious blackjack or poker I ask for a new deck. I want those ***** spread out across the table and I actually check to make sure everything is there. If they can't do that for you...

  • Cheating: There have many reports of casinos in Eastern Europe, shorting a shoe of aces or tens and adding a few more 5's. Simple to do especially if when changing cards they bring in a pre opened stack of six shuffled decks as many Indian Casinos in the U.S. do. There was an Indian Casino in California caught doing this over 5 years ago.
    A decrease in large cards and or an increase in small cards will always increase the house edge.

    Not that familiar with Carribean Stud but being a single deck game, having two aces of spades would be spotted too often to get away with, so it may have been an error. The thing is though, if the extra ace of spades is replacing another ace, then the chance for the super payout of a royal is reduced by 25%.


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