How to chance basic strategy?
  • Hi,

    I count cards by the following strategy: 2 to 7 = +1, 8 = 0 and 10 to A = -1. I increase the bet when true count is at least +2.

    I dont know how to chance basic strategy in accourdance with the true count. When, for instance, hitting 13 vs 2, 12 vs 5 etc? Do anyone have good tips, links etc ?

    In my country is playded as the following rules:

    - 6 decks.
    - No hole card.
    - Doubling allowed any 2 cards.
    - Split hands can be doubled down.
    - Only one card to AA.
    - Early surrender, but not allowed against ace.

    According to my knowledge the house edge with these rules is 0,29 %.

    Thanks and regards from the Artic Circle,

  • That method of counting is called the Silver Fox.

    You may try a search and see what it turns up ?

    Hope this helps.


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