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  • As I live in a country which has no casinos my only option is to play online.
    I would appreciate some opinions about online casinos please.
    As I stated in my welcome post I am a novice, but I am holding my own playing for free, winning a little and having fun.
    If I played for real and I won...say $1000 would I get paid?
  • Find great online casinos at I followed the strategy at this site and and im actually winning money playing blackjack.
  • The ONLY one that I would even consider,
    and that is recommended by,
    is :

    I Practice there for FUN because they have the Fastest
    and most Realistic Blackjack online (with Surrender),
    but NEVER for Real Money!!!

    IF you play for Real Money,
    as soon as you Raise your Bets above $10.00,
    you will get many pushes,
    and soon LOSE all your Money on your Big Bets!!!

    FACT : ALL online Casinos/Software are RIGGED!!!
  • Not All Online Casinos are Rigged.

    Here is a great Watchdog Site: CasinoMeister

    The list of Casinos I found at CasinoCore are all accredited. I had no problems with a deposit or withdraw.

    Prior knowledge about an online casino is absolutely imperative if the gambler has any chance of enjoying the experience. It is not enough that the name of the online casino is catchy or its graphics cool. Gamblers should take the extra time to read the small print and find out exactly what the online casino is all about.

    Most information about an online casino can be found on its "About Us" page or FAQs. A good online casino will display its license and encourage you to read as much information about it.
  • Thank you both for the information you have provided. I appreciate it. :)

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