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    As anyone vagually interested who has read my previous posts you will know two things about me. A: I am a novice, and B: where I come from there are no casinos so I must play on line.

    I have found an honest casino - see the link above.

    I played single player BJ. and using basic stratergy won £1000 sterling with a visa card deposit of £100 so nice little profit of £900.

    I stopped and cashed out wondering if I would ever get my money and within 4 days I received an email telling me that as I had not supplied sufficient information to verify that 'I am who I am' my deposit of £100 would be repaid back to visa card as this is the law and a banker's draft to the value of £900 would be posted to me if I could provide proof that I am actually 'who I say I am'.

    They requested a copy of a utility bill, so I sent a recent copy of my electricity bill which they accepted.

    In my post today I received a banker's draft for the amount owed.

    I will continue to play at this casino.

    I guess you experts know many more honest casinos but I wanted to add this one to your list. :)
  • Having tried many of the Online Casinos in the past,
    the ONLY one that I would even "dare" to consider now is :

    It is the ONLY one recommended by www.wizardofodds.com

    They use Real Time Gaming Software (RTG) which is the most Realistic,
    and by far the Fastest (up to 420 Hands per hour),
    and they have Late Surrender (LS).
    Also, you can Practice there for FREE.

    In the past,
    I had some "Luck" with the Playtech Casinos (e.g., Golden Palace),
    and the #1 Cryptologic Casino (e.g., Intercasino).

    Ultimately, imo, they are all "Rigged",
    in the sense that as soon as you raise your Bets over $10.00,
    and especially $100.00,
    you get an inordinate amout of "Pushes", and Losses very quickly.

    The worst losses were at the Micro-Gaming Casinos.
  • Check out this site:

    Good source


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