true false....balance, unbalanced
  • what does it all mean? from what i understand, with an unbalanced count you need to convert the flase count to the true count? and with a balanced count you dont need to convert cont you always have a true count? is that right?
  • i believe you have to covert to true count for a balanced count and you don't have to convert for an unbalanced count. an unbalanced count doesn't start at zero and doesn't end at the same number you started with at the end of the deck.
  • so unbalanced is easier? but is it still powerfull? better than a balanced count?
  • They perform similarly in simulation data when shoe games are concerned, with a slight advantage to the balanced count. If you are prone to deck estimation errors or find the technique too difficult, then an unbalanced count will suffice. Make sure you have basic strategy down perfectly before trying any count.

    Three recommended books for unbalanced counts: Blackbelt in Blackjack, Knock-out Blackjack, and Blackjack Bluebook II. They contain the Red 7, KO, and Kiss counts respectively.

    On a side note, there do exist advanced systems which involve true count conversions with unbalanced counts. TKO is an example.

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