Six deck shoe vs. single deck blackjack!!!
  • There are many differences between the six deck shoe and the single deck game. For one the 6 deck shoe tends to have the greatest advantage for the casino. Two the rules look like the favor the player more because you can double down on any two cards as well as double after a split. Counts have to be much higher in order to have the same effect as they do on single deck game. In single deck if you have a count of plus 5 it actually means something as to what your advantage is. In a shoe game you could be about even money with a count of plus 5. In single deck blackjack there are a lot of rule modifications in the casinos such as double on 10 or 11 only no double after splits. I did find one really good game at boomtown in Verdi nevada it is the only single deck game that I have seen that lets you double on any two cards, double after a split, and they let you split any pairs up two for times. It is blackjack rules before they where modified this game has an edge for the player of .13 percent with perfect basic stargedy. If you can find a game like this play it. By the way it is only a $3 minimum table!!!
  • Had a great time playing Super Fun 21 at a $10.00 table at Harrah's Rincon/San Diego, CA.,
    and for Free/Fun at : = Ultra Fast Software up to 420 Hands per Hour...

    Player may Double-Down after a Split. = +0.15%

    Player may Re-Split to up to 4 Hands, including Aces. = +0.10%

    Player may Hit and Double-Down on Split Aces. = +0.20%

    Player may Double-Down on Any number of Cards. = +0.20%

    Player may take Late Surrender on Any number of Cards,
    including Split Aces. = +0.20%

    Player may take Late Surrender after Doubling-Down,
    including Split Aces. = +0.20%

    Player Hand totaling 20 or less,consisting of 6 Cards or more,
    except after Doubling-Down, Automatically Wins. = +0.10%

    Player Hand totaling 21, consisting of 5 cards or more,
    except after Doubling-Down, pays 2 to 1. = +0.20%

    Player Blackjack always Wins. = +0.30%

    Player Blackjack in Diamonds pays 2 to 1. = +0.20%

    All other player Blackjacks pay even money = -2.25%

    Dealer Hits Soft 17. = -0.20%

    Corrected Super Fun 21 Percent Totals :
    -2.45% vs. +1.85% = -0.60% Approximate Player Dis-Advantage/House Edge.
  • You can't simply add together the rule effects since rules interact with one another.

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