Big Trouble
  • I think I made a serious error the other night. I think my first mistake may have been going to the same casino too many times in a row. But I think my big problem came playing the cut game in the high rollers pit, even though I was warned not to. But things weren't really happening on the $25 tables so we thought we would give the black tables a try, just for a little while to see what we could do. Well it worked incredible for about 2 hours, we made almost $7000. All of a sudden the pit boss talks to the dealer, and the dealer wouldn't deal to us anymore. We got up to leave and 2 guys in blue jackets told us leave our chips on the table and come with them. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed my chips anyway and told the guys forget about it, we won this money we're keeping it. But they wouldn't let us cash in the chips if we didn't go to the security office. I said screw you and left the casino with the chips. Now I have about $10,000 in purple and black chips at home. I have a couple of questions, first can I send somebody else back to the casino to cash those chips in for me? There's no way to track chips to find out there mine is there? And more importantly, I figure I'm screwed at this casino, does this incident make me a banned player everywhere else too? I really need some input one way or the other on this. Thanks
  • send your friends with a bit of chips in their pockets and cash em in? how they gonna know?
  • Either at the casino you one them at or one close by because a lot of Casino's will take foreign checks. Make sure to get some of the casinos that you are cashing in two and don't cash in all $10,000 at once for tax purposes.
    Cash in a couple thousand at a time.
  • Booker it is beyond words for me to describe how much of a hard headed moron I think you are. Did you think I was kidding or making it up for you to not play in there. I told you they don't kid around with stuff like that. And contrary to what you believe you are not good enough, nor experienced enough to fool a pit that knows how that method of play is done. Cashing in your chips through friends will not be a problem, playing again might be. Its not like you got a tap on the shoulder and got backed off from playing blackjack, you had a full blown incident. One I'm sure they won't forget. If they keep it in house you'll be very lucky, if they don't, you had one of the shortest professional blackjack playing careers I've ever seen. Even if they just deliver the information on you to Foxwoods that could be disasterous, seeing that MGM in Vegas is partnering up with Foxwoods to build a $700,000,000 addition. That means Vegas could very well put you on the list of banned players if MGM gets a hold of your info. The only advice I could give you, not that you'll listen, is lay low for a while and if you play travel away from the area you've been playing in. And whatever you do stay off the black tables!!! But the best thing you could do now is eat some humble pie and get your job back.
  • Bojack1 its my opinion you can share some of the blame for Bookers troubles. If you didn't fill his young mind with delusions of grandeur, he would probably still be playing blackjack part time and working full time. You had so many persuasive reasons to play blackjack in the style in which you play, but when some young fella takes it to heart and really tries it, you tell him he's wrong for doing so. Maybe what you do works for you, but clearly there must be more to it than can be learned on a message board. So maybe you can avoid more people getting in trouble by toning down the message of what you feel is "advantage play"
  • well booker looks like you got yourself in some deep [email]s@#t.Whil[/email]e Bojack1 warned you about doing what you did, I admire you for copping to your mistake that takes balls.all of us when we were young have let youthful enthusium overtake our common sense.Now What? Well cashing in your chips slowly over time through friends should not be a problem. No dout you should lay low for an extended period of time.Bailing out on security while they are taking your picture from every angle is very very serious dont underestaimate how bad this situation is.Seems to me you could be standing at the crossroads of your young BJ career.either get a straight job and play BJ on a casual level which over time you will probably be able to do in your area. Or adapt "the Life" and all the searching for games, travel,disguises. fake names,and hotels that entails.Step back, calm down and reflect on what you want to do.Heed an listen to the advice you might recieve from your fellow BJ brothers and sisters.remember we are all on your side and rooting for you. it is as it always has been us against the greedy parinoid overbearing f@#king casinos. Hang in there.
  • Listen Aceten I read your opinion and you have a right to it. But as far as taking responsibility for Bookers trouble, my opinion is you are really off base. Yes I've posted many of the advanced techniques that I use as an advantage to play this game. I've also in just about every post cautioned about using them. I stressed practice and conservatism until they can be used correctly. And in the case of Booker I repeatedly told him to slow it down, to tone down the betting, and in BOLD letters told him not to do exactly what he ended up doing that caused him trouble. I even went so far as to meet him to try to talk sense into him, as I was concerned he was getting out of touch. He may be young but he's no child, he's a 25 year old man with a college education. If he chooses to ignore all the warnings and advice of myself and others than I fail to see how I can take the blame for that. I've read your posts and I know you really are not a believer in counting or advantage play. So if you truly believe I'm offering bad advice, please ignore it. But there are a good amount of people who believe in advantage play and if they so choose to listen, I would like to offer any assistance to them in gaining any edge on the casino. As far as Booker he was warned that you really can't be a pro in just a couple of months. I hope he's finally learned that.
  • Aceten and bojack1 I think we are getting alittle off the point hear. While either of your points might be valid booker needs some constructive advise on how to deal with the pickel he is in.I think that is what this thread needs to focus on. The damage is already done.
  • Hey Booker - I feel for you. You are living my worst nightmare. Last year, I was caught squirreling (pocketing) black chips so that it would appear as though I was losing. That episode scarred the hell out of me. I can’t imagine how you must have felt.
    I admire you for sharing your experience with us and hope you will continue letting us know how you are coping.
  • Assuming the casino was in Conn,I'm not sure how easy cashing $500 chips will be.My last visit,I had cashed out on a $10 table for three blacks,then at a roulette table for four more. When I went to cash in,they asked where I got them,cashier called someone and it took quite awhile to get paid. I'd imagine trying to cash more than one purple would be a bigger headache.
    For what its worth,I think saying Bohack is to blame for any of this is insane.From what I've read,he's been trying to slow this guy down from the start,and even after getting nothing but grief for it,still took the time to meet him and try to help.
  • I would just like to clear a few things up. First thing is, I'm the only one to blame for my troubles here, least of all Bojack. This guy has been a real stand up gentleman during this whole situation. From teaching me how to play some real crazy cool methods, to trying to slow me down when the money coming in clouded my better judgement, and to most recently, helping me in my situation by taking my chips for me and giving me his own cash. He's not only given me sound advice, he hasn't left me out to dry when I haven't taken it. This guy is the real deal when it comes to being described what a professional is. As for me I'm going to get back up on the horse. My team is going to see if we can get lost in the crowd down in A.C. this 4th of July weekend. I'm pretty nervous, but I made a commitment to play full time and I'm not going to quit until they make me quit. I also want to say thank you for everyone's support and understanding who posted their concern here. I hope something like this never happens to anyone here. Well as usual I'll let everyone know how my next trip goes, thanks again.
  • Got back from A.C. monday night, and just want to report all went surprisingly well. No backlash from the ugly incident in CT, and we won just over $4000. And a big plus, we finally won money using shuffletracking. As a matter of fact most of our win came from that. We were hesitant to use the cut game out of paranoia so we had to try the other methods and we had pretty good success. I'm really bummed about A.C. closing down for now, it seems a pretty good place to blend in and its far enough away from where I had my incident that they didn't seem to be aware of it. At the same time its only a couple hours drive from where I live. I hope its only a short temorary shut down. In the meantime we're planning our next trip for the middle of next week. I still get nervous thinking about walking into a casino and getting booted before I even play, but having no such problems in A.C. has given me at least some of my confidence back.
  • Booker,

    Your saga is intriguiging -- please continue to keep us posted.

    BUT ... it's not necessary to publicly state where you're going and when ("we're planning our next trip for the middle of next week."). You're making me nervous, and I don't even know you!

    Love to hear your results and your methods ... but telling all the unnecessary specifics is just creating more potential problems for yourself.

    Hang in there!
  • PhilTx, Thanks for the concern, but don't worry I'm not saying where I'm going next week, just that I am going. Maybe you assumed I was talking about A.C. Well I won't be planning any more trips there until they open. In the meantime there are many other places for us to go out there and try to make a living. But again thanks for the concern.

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