Casino Got Shot Up?
  • Heard A Las Vegas Casino Got Shot Up Over The Weekend-what Casino Was It? Supposedly The Guys Got Away,isn't That Amazing? They Get Away While A Dangerous Card Counter Gets Surrounded!
    Best Of Luck To All-
  • basically they know that the card counter is counting, but the dont know that the shooter is hiding a .357 magnum tucked under his shirt.
  • they should use at least as much energy in apprehending the shooter,don't you think???????????????????????????
  • Which casino?
  • okay,it was Jerry's Silver Nugget,in North Las Vegas.Fight broke out in the pool-room and then started again just inside the doors,in plain view of a half dozen cameras.
  • I was wondering if he robbed the place or just shot up the place and left.
  • Theres a video floating around. Its on the Las Vegas Advisor forum,but I was unable to bring it here.Don't think there was any robbery involved,it was right by an entrance.

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