Dealers and pit boss can effect the outcome of the game!!!
  • There are dealers out there even in Nevada all though the casinos in Nevada are the least likely to cheat you there have been a few that have!!! Dealers can cheat you by looking at the cards and dealing seconds. They can also cheat you by shuffling up early when the player has the best of it!! Even if it is not necessary to shuffle up because they're in no danger of running out of cards!!!
    There are also dealers that will shuffle the cards up when the remaining cards are bad for the player!!! If you find a dealer that will shuffle up just when you attemt to make a big bet make the big bet when the cards are bad and you will kill a bad deck for yourself!!!

    One time I was the only player at the table at the Golden Nugget casino and I asked the dealer if he could shuffle up the cards and he declined to shuffle up the cards when i was there so I left!!!
    I think that the dealer should of shuffled the cards up for me since I was the only player at the table he told me that he could get fired for shuffling up the cards which is total hog wash!!!

    Another time I was playing at the tables all by myself and there where a few aces that pop off a few two shuffles down I asked for a new shuffle and got it!!! That dealer by shuffling when I asked her to helped improve my odds of winning!!! So a dealer really can have an effect on weather you win or lose!!!

    Pit boss can have an effect on weather you win or lose by do they give you the best of a decision? For example one time I was playing blackjack at the pepermill and one of the dealers skipped a player and the card was no help for the player he backed it up and offered the card that was hit to the wrong player to the player before it!!! That player refused that card but got another one and ended up winning the hand!!! Granted it was only a $5 hand!!!

    Another time there was a time when I thought that the player singled for a hit when he had 20 I called the pit boss over and he allowed me to burn the card that I gave him and let the player keep his 20!!! He ended up winning the bet!!! There was another time when the dealer thought a player had signaled for a hit but that palyer had 21 the pit boss dileberated for a while and made the player take the new much worse hand and he ended up losing the hand!!!

    You see how dealers and pit boss can help you win or lose?!!!
  • learningtocount said:

    You see how dealers and pit boss can help you win or lose?!!!

    Not really. I take it from your last paragraph that you are a dealer? You should know that a dealer can't just shuffle because the player asks him to (even if he's the only one at the table) without getting a supervisor's permission.
  • Its certainly better to have them on your side then against you.a freindly dealer may make "mistakes" in your favor,miscounting your cards,forgetting to collect your chips,ect,ect.
    Same thing with PBs. I've seen one PB handle things one way,another handle it differently.Some are interested in creating long-term goodwill,others just want money now.
    When playing one on one,I rarely have a problem asking for a new shuffle.If the dealer,pit says no- Color up and stand up. Now the dealer has to shuffle anyway. Then sitback down..Repeat this a few times and they'll get the idea.

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