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  • nc-tom said:
    so i am at the casino closest to my house that has a playable game-6deck H17 DA2 DAS INS, not great but playable.I am spreading 1 to 12 and using the Red 7 count. This place has kicked me around my last 2 visits so time for revenge.Try to wong in and out of games but to crowded so figure i'll just look for games starting new shoes. After 4 hours down 4 units when finally THE SHOE from heaven appears. 3 decks played count + 16. Time to get max bet out. Even better 3 people leave the table after a bad beat and no one else sits down so only me at 3rd base and 1 player at first base.Max bet out then it starts I lose the next 8 hands with max bet out. no pushes no wins nothing.count stays between + 11 and + 17 till the shoe ends.crist I didnt even bust once during the series just 18 vs 20, 17 vs 19 you get the idea ugh. The dealer finishes me off with a hand of 2-3-9-a-a-a-k-4 against my 20.:mad: Needless to say another losing session. Just when you think it cant get any worse it does.

    You are playing in a casino that allows the dealer to hit 17s,of course you'll have bad sessions.
  • nc-tom said:
    Unfortunetly any casino within a 5 hour drive from where I live uses dealer h17 whether 6 deck or 1 or 2 deck.I am just hoping that the ones closest to my house dont go to CSM soon

    Look again at your original post: The dealer hit HARD 17???
  • Quote from Arnold Snyder in Blackbelt in Blackjack Book/2005 Edition,

    "You don't bet big simply because the count is high,
    you bet big because the count should come down...
    you make small bets while the count is rising,
    and large bets while it is coming back down"(pages 200-201).

    In my experience,
    the BEST Counters WAIT until AFTER a High Count PLATEAU,
    AS the Count BEGINS to DESCEND,
    BEFORE they INCREASE their Bets.
  • From Blackjack Bluebook II, Page 135...

    "Lot's of rookie card counters think when a strong count has them betting it up,
    winning is a 'done deal'.
    This is far from true...
    Sometimes you'll count through half a dozen shoes waiting to find an opportunity to put some real money out there,
    and when it finally comes you'll lose five or six big bets in a row".
  • [QUOTE=Surfteq]From Blackjack Bluebook II, Page 135...

    "Lot's of rookie card counters think when a strong count has them betting it up,
    winning is a 'done deal'.
    This is far from true...
    Sometimes you'll count through half a dozen shoes waiting to find an opportunity to put some real money out there,
    and when it finally comes you'll lose five or six big bets in a row".[/QUOTE

    Ain't it the truth!
  • hey tom,
    what happened to the player at 1st base during all those losing hands you got???...did he lose all those hands also???
  • Ken Uston,"It is a fact that the worst player in the world and the best player in the world could play at the same table for an hour or so, and the worst player could win and the best player could lose. This is because, in the short run, results can vary widely around mathematical expectation...in the short term, the typical blackjack player may win and the advanced card counter may lose...I lost $15,000 in two and one-half hours...Several years ago, I played full time for 22 consecutive days in some of the most favorable games I've ever experienced. This interval included five days of playing only positive four deck shoes...five days of a juicy single deck game...and six days of playing only positive shoes. At the end of 22 days, I was down $35,000...two of the best counters I know played in Europe for 61 days, full time, and were down $30,000...The same two players dropped $156,000 in two weeks in Atlantic City in late 1979 in a highly favorable game"(Million Dollar Blackjack, 1985 Edition, pages 31, 33, 125-126. Ken died at age 53 of a Heroin over-dose in 1987).

    Lance Humble,"When Resorts initially opened in Atlantic City, three first-rate counters playing the Hi-Opt II lost over $60,000 in less than 3 weeks...there is new research going on concerning what happens when the count is extremely positive...the player is actually at a disadvantage when the count is a very high plus. This agrees with the feelings of myself and many other players who have reported often losing big bets in extremely favorable situations"(The World's Greatest Blackjack Book, 1987 Revised Edition, pages 92, 315-316).

    Arnold Snyder,"all blackjack books should have at least one chapter titled : "You Won't Win"...Nobody wants to hear it...When I self-published my first book, The Blackjack Formula, in 1980, and advertised it in Gambling Times magazine with the catchy, upbeat slogan: “Card Counters Beware,” stating in the ad that most of the blackjack games available in the casinos of the world were unbeatable with any card counting system, the publisher of Gambling Times, Stan Sludikoff, told me bluntly that I would never make any great amount of money trying to sell books with that type of pessimistic advertising...Stan was right. Seventeen years later, I’m still just scraping by, still delivering that vastly unpopular message... it is easier to make a living writing about this game than it is playing it. I have tried both, and I much prefer the keyboard to the cold green felt"(Casino Player magazine, November 1997).

    Bryce Carlson,"...books and articles on counting promote the game and produce far more losers than winners...I do not make my living selling books and systems on Blackjack. I make my living playing Blackjack and selling Apple and IBM computers through my chain of computer specialty stores...Bad runs of luck can, and will, sometimes dominate your results for hours and hours on end. I have personally experienced losing streaks that lasted for over 7,500 hands"(Blackjack For Blood, 1997 Edition, pages 83, 125, 155).

    Edwin Silberstang,"Every time the deck was favorable and I had a big bet out, I'd lose. When I had a minimum bet with a super-negative deck, I'd get a blackjack. It was awful"( Winning Blackjack For The Serious Player, 2002 Edition, page 197).

    Frank Scoblete,"The key to winning money in traditional blackjack play is to bet more when the count favors you, bet less when it dosen't. That's the BIG secret...you must escalate your bets in positive counts...the player's edge only comes in high counts...Lost 27 units in the blink of an eye...Count got high and I lost just about every hand...I lost 114 units because every time the count went up, I went down...This is becoming depressing. I win small bets of one and two in low counts and lose my high bets of 12 units in high counts...in the short run anything can happen"(Best Blackjack, 1996 Edition, pages 41-42, 217, 227, 229).

  • I know this statement will go over like a lead balloon, but Ken Uston was a hack. He was never really a winning player. He more than a few times took credit for wins that were not his, but were actually by other big players he was associated with. Al Francesco the inventor of the big player concept, and the man who taught Ken Uston to count, was very much the mastermind behind any money Uston won as a counter. And how did Uston repay him, by writing a book that exposed everything that they were doing to the public and more importantly the casinos. Uston is known as much for being an egomaniac and for his rather large losses, as he is for his writings on blackjack. As far as I'm concened using Ken Uston as a source as to the perils of card counting, holds no water with me. I think his his blackjack resume is credible more to the company he kept, than to his actual practical application of the methods he wrote about.
  • For beginning counters I suggest a $50 betting limit. Only go 1-10 on $5 tables, and 1-5 on $10 tables. You can even do fine with a $40-$45 limit.

    My experience so far is I can always come back even after a bad start given enough time. But our main disadvantage vs. the casino is time, and of course money. If you blow too much money you will not have time to make it back. If you buy in for $200-$300 and play conservatively, only the worst luck will have you leaving as a loser.

    Of course in BJ anything can and will happen. I had to play until 4 AM to get my money back at Stratosphere after a poor start. But I left up $10 in 50-cent pieces that my kids loved when I got home. I also got free drinks all night so what the heck!

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