Target 21 blackjack system
  • Anyone ever heard of jerry pattereson's target 21 blackjack system? Ive read a few of his books, and it seems that he offers very good advice. This is a system you have to pay to get, as his books only touch on the subject. The system comes with a 6 month money back guarantee that can be paid with a credit card...My question is if anyone thinks this would be worth trying....and if anyone has tried this system, or knows someone who has tried it. Thanks for the advice.
  • Never heard it myself... might be something to look into when I'm immune to time.
  • jimmy: Patterson's Target 21 system is popular with many players, but has been discounted and rejected by the "established" card-counting community as having no mathematical basis. I think the book is worth reading, but I think ALL blackjack books are worth reading.
  • Forthose who havent heard of his system check out and go to the blackjack section. He talks about finding tables with certain characteristics, such as tables where the dealer is busting at a higher percent than would be statistically, and numerous other characteristics.

    When I asked him about his system, he told me that I had 6 months to decide if his system worked or I could get my money back. They deal with credit card it sounds fairly risk free. He also told me that his target 21 system can be tried without putting money on the table. He told me to play a few hands while watching, with no money on the table, and if I wasnt ahead consistently to send the system back to him.

    I know there is no mathematical basis for these "observations", but I would be interested in talking to someone who has tried his system. Logically, what he says makes sense, but statistically accurate may be a different story.[/url]
  • I use it with some count strategy and I can say you it's a very interesting

    Most people who talk about TARGET simply have no idea what they are
    talking about.

    It's very surprising how poor the study has be done with it and
    I know what I'm talking about because not only I have the manual but I have done some sim myself.

    I'm not agree with all aspect of TARGET but this is another question.


  • I am very familiar with Jerry Patterson's Target 21 Blackjack. I know several professional players that use it as a basis for their play. Of course based on their years of experience they have tweaked it to suit their particular style.
    Jerry started out as a card counter and worked with Ken Uston and although invited to play on Uston's teams he declined the offer because the teams caught too much casino heat. Jerry later discovered that one could win at blackjack without card counting. He relies upon various basic strategy variants combined with keen observation of the players the dealers the flow of the cards etc. Card counters poo-poo Target 21 because it is not card counting and I have yet to talk to a card counter who believes that one can win at blackjack without card counting. Jerry has been teaching various forms of casino advantage play for almost 30 years, is well respected in the gaming community and stands behind his products 100%. You can buy Target 21 and Blackjack Masters DVDs and Manuals at
  • Many top pros that used to respect Mr Patterson have now disavowed him and his Target system.Thats good enough for me. Watching out for dirty ashtrays and players sitting at a table along time makes sense how?
    Even if a table has been hot for the players for the last 100 shoes,does it make any sense that the next shoe will stay hot? Has anyone told this to the cards?Do dealers go thru winning streaks and losing streaks? Of course,but no one can predict when the streak will end.
  • Every BJ expert has moved away from Patterson after TARGET came out. He now has zero credibility in the field. Even the developer of TARGET now says it fails. But he keeps on selling it. See
  • Re : "Watching out for dirty ashtrays"...LOL...
    The BIG "SIGN" to be "watching out for" is EMPTY BEER BOTTLES,
    and lots of empty cocktail glasses too...LOL
  • The “free lunch” myth of card clumping explained with sim results. The physiological need that is explained may be more important than the proofs.
  • QFIT said:
    Every BJ expert has moved away from Patterson after TARGET came out. He now has zero credibility in the field. Even the developer of TARGET now says it fails. But he keeps on selling it. See

    You don't tel us what works in BJ.
    Does Hi-Lo works? .., LOL!!

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