blackbelt in blackjack
  • what counts are found in this book? from what i could see on the counts are : zen count, red 7 count, advanced red 7 count, the true count and HiLo count? are those counts found in this book? if not what counts are.

    also would red 7, zen count, advanced red 7 or true count be better than KISS III, HiLo or KO?

    thanks, bnoc848
  • As stated before, the differences between them in a shoe game is marginal. You cannot expect to much better on average than one penny per dollar bet with any of these counts (EV= +0.01); just choose one appropriate to your skill level. I recommend starting with an unbalanced count and then perhaps moving on to hilo lite.

    If you have trouble with bifurcating card values as in the KISS III count, then go with KO. On the whole, however, they are all respected systems. You will find proponents for each, and in the end it can be a matter of preference.
  • Many people will disagree with me, but I personally think that a balanced count (like H/L) is actually easier to learn and use. There are several reasons for my opinion:

    - No adjustments based on number of decks
    - True number relations without drift adjustments
    - True conversion difficulty is a myth
    - A universal set of variations
    - Running counts are usually in small numbers. Say 0-10

    That said, the difference in level 1 balanced and unbalanced is 1% when it comes to bet correlation (96 vs 97). The difference in playing efficency is also zip unless you go with a system that gives up some BC in order to improve PE. Most of these are level 2 systems.
  • I agree with Ray/prefer Balanced Count (when Counting 6 Deck Shoe).
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  • kiss III will "GIT ER DONE!"

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