Givin' It Up
  • Effective immediately I am resigning as moderator of this forum. It has been an enjoyable three plus years but it is time to step down.

    Thanks to everyone for the participation on the forum and the personal support you have given me over the last three years.

  • Grifter- Hard to believe we have been at it for three years. I think all of us would rather you stay around longer as the best amongst us. At least keep your ID and post from time to time. Best of luck in all you do, poker or otherwise.
  • Thanks Grifter and stay healthy and safe.
  • Grifter,

    You've been the heart and soul of this forum -- you'll be missed. Thanks for all you've done. Be sure to stay in touch with a post now and then.
  • Grifter-
    Thank you sincerely for all the help you have been to me and all the others who were lucky enough to have had you to call on. You were always there when we needed answers! Please keep in touch. Best of luck to you Grifter!
  • Grifter -- Sorry to see a class act like you leave. You showed knowledge, integrity and poise in every post you made, and I'm sure in some behind-the-scenes decisions as well. Best of everything.
  • Grifter:

    we didn't always see eye to eye, but you were a class act as a moderator. I am moderator in several different fora, and it is a thankless job that is very difficult at times, and painful frequently.

    Sure you won't reconsider? It would hardly be the same place without you...
  • Hope everything is OK Grifter. Thanks for making this an enjoyable and learning experience.

    Good Cards!
  • Thanks Grifter!!!
  • I want to chirp in to give a huge public thanks to Grifter for such a wonderful job keeping these boards going. He and midnite have given me complete peace of mind over the past 3 years.

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