a question about the ten-count
  • Is it true that thorps ten-count is a flawed strategy because it counts aces as others which would mean that if all the aces came out the ratio of tens to others would go down and according to the strategy you should raise your bet, but aces give you blackjacks which pay 3:2 so how can a lack of aces make you want to raise your bet.Thank you for your responses.
  • That situation happens too rarely to be of any value. Thorp's strategy is flawed because anything NOT a 10-value (10-J-Q-K) is given equal weight. Is a 5 the same strength as an 8? Detailed computer analysis from that very time-period indicated that there were different strengths to the individual ranks of cards from 2-9 and Ace.
  • deciding weather or not to take insurance. You should also keep track of the aces as well to figure out how much to bet!!! If all the aces are out you are at about 2.5% disadvantage if all of the 5's are out you are at about 3.2% advantage!!!

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