• so i just finished the book blackbelt in blackjack but i havent mastered the count yet. So i was wondering if any one could do sims to see wich is better out of kiss III(with and without ace side count) KO-8deck and red7. i can only do sims on the advanced red7 and ko-8 deck and i always get that KO is better but what about KISS III? if any 1 could run the sims and give me the results that would be great.

    thanks, bnoc
  • Red 7 has an edge 0.01% greater than Kiss 3 and 0.03% greater than KO, but 0.06% less than the Mentor count. But there is a 95% chance that these numbers are w/ in 0.02% of the systems true ability. So Red 7 and Kiss might as well be equal and Red is almost as powerful as the Mentor.

    You really shouldn't be nit picking though. You want to use a system that has the smallest chance of human error while still providing a great edge.

    A really easy count such as KISS 1 + Interacting w/ a players hand that bets 3x more than you do will give you a very stable edge.
    My goal is to interact w/ his hands twice per half hour, but if it falls below once per half then i'll get up.

    Bigest hand interaction play: Guys betting 20 a hand has lost 4 in a row & gets 16 vs dealers 10. Look over at the guy and say, heh buddy...$2 is better than losing it all again, what you say?
    Laughs, the things people accept when they are on a losing streak!
  • KO has a slight edge. Mentor is far superior to Red7. The problem with most Red7 sims is that they count all Sevens as .5 instead of Red Sevens as +1. This makes Red7 a level II count.
  • hey qfit on your website, KO has more PE by .01%, and that is good for hand held games but i play 8 and 6 deck so does KO still has more advantage?

    and thx for the reply.
  • PE isn't really designed for unbalanced strategies, although it does give some indication of a strategies strength. KO, HiLo and KISS are all very close in performance. Results depend on rules, penetration and indexes. Using accurate indexes, KO actually beats HiLo in more circumstances than not. Believe me, it took a long time for the old-timers (including me) to agree with this.
  • so to make it short, i should use ko instead of red7?
  • This difference is minimal. If you are already using one strategy, stick with it. When a new counter asks, I prefer KO because I think it is a bit easier not to worry about the suit of the Seven. To me it is just one more possible opportunity for error and it makes counting two cards at once a bit trickier since the seven doesn't always cancel a ten. But many people tell me they have no problem with this.

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