Risk Busting to gain more INFO.
  • I have been dealing to myself at home w/ a double deck & burning the top 26 cards.
    What I am doing is hiting to 18 in a non-plus count, then reverting to OBS when the count turns positive. I usually get 1 or 2 extra cards in, which helps me size my bet for the next round/later rounds. I don't double down & I might split and hit if the count is close to zero ( or 30 in a 2 deck game using Speed Count ).
    So I guess my strategy for a negative count is: Least amount of money per hand & most amount of information ( the least amount of money part is why im not playing 2 hands...that and CAMO...2 hands draws attn).
    Again, AFTER the count is positive I will play perfectly.

    NOTE: I will ask an expert about this strategy and post it below this as before.
  • Thats rather interesting.
    How about trying this with your trials...

    Always hit 10-2
    Hit 10-3 vs. 2-3-4
    Hit 6-6 vs. 2&3
  • Are your saying that i should do that in a positive count?
    Because those numbers are less than a total of 18, which I am hitting to anyways in a negative count.
  • No, only when you're count is negative, as you were testing the value of hitting to 18 under that condition.

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