Clumping thoughts
  • Hello to all...

    I am a born again black jack-hold-em player. Played BJ on vegas trips once a year, now have Iindian Casino's in Oklahoma offering.

    Never thought I would live to see it here in the heart of Baptist-land.

    Sunday, Monday Wednesday are "no ante days" yes, they charge antes...I refuse to play those days.

    My thoughts are this, it is a fact that cards "clump"

    I seem to do better at the higher limit tables 10-25.

    Could it be that the better players are at these tables (the recreational players seem to flock to the 2-5 tables) and you are getting better cards in the ungoing clumps because they are the better players?

    Any good progressive betting systems out there besides the New York 2 1 2?

    Thanks and Happy Gambling, Roxie
  • I like 10-15-20-30-40, 15-20-30-40-60, and 25-35-50-75-100 for ramps (depending on your minimum) ... press when you win, and no matter what happens to the top bet, (Win, Lose, or Tie) the next bet is minimum.

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