What do you think about playing business?
  • Hallo everybody! As for me, I have devoted a part of my life to Internet casino. The Main conclusion I came to, Concerning games, I think it is better to play in unknown casinos, it seems to me, that they are more fair. so we can say, I would not visit very popular Internet casino, let it better be less popular, but more fair. the last find in a collection was [url=http://www.
  • First of all, most online casinos are not regulated by the United States.
    In fact there is only ONE online casino that I know of that is overseen by the U.S. gov.
    Whenever you trust your money in the hands of an impopular site, there is a chance that your money could just vanish one day.
  • the best book I ever read on playing blackjack. As far as online casinos go for playing blackjack I think that they are risky. Even provided they pay you when you cash out and do not rig the deck. Online blackjack is risky because they use 8 decks and shuffle really early even after one hand so you can never penerate enough of the deck to have a chance at becoming succesful!!!
  • I play blackjack online where i play poker.
    On Empire the rules are as follows:

    Dealer Hits on 16 and soft 17
    Dealer Stands on hard 17 (duh)
    8-Decks are used!
    Deck is shuffled after 10% of the cards are played!
    Blackjack pays 1.5 to 1 ( 3:2 )

    Ok, now that we are done with the bad, lets look at the good.

    Surrender on any 2 cards.
    Double on any 2 cards.
    Split any 2 cards up to 3 times.
    Double after split on any.

    Really, I think that the dealer should "throw us a bone" and HIT on HARD 17!
    Maybe one day they will.

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