Playing on-line for "imaginary" money
  • I have played a lot on line with "imaginary" money and have found that they are usually paired with real money sites. If you watch closely, the imaginary ones often reward stupid play (i.e. splitting 10s , hitting hard 17s, standing on 16s). I have come to my own conclusion that this is to sucker players into switching to the real money part of the sites. Does anyone else have this experience?
  • D, glad to see you made it to the new board. I have not played on-line, so I couldn't say. It does sound like a ploy they might use.
  • That's why I refuse to play online. Too easy for them to make the game unfair by monkeying with the software. I'll stick to real casinos.
  • I would never play for real money either, but there is a fun site for "imaginary" money play that let's you play with other people. It's It's O.K. as long as you keep in mind what I pointed out about my suspicions about the unrandomness (is that a word?) of the play.
  • I have played for real money online a couple of months back at 3 casinos, and won a total of about $1000. But i have also went back to the same ones and lost a couple hundred. In the long run in online blackjack I am still up. But i would not play for real money again online. I read somewhere that the software can tell what your average bet is, and when it sees that you have made a big bet that you will almost always lose, and then it will let you win a few lower hands to think everything is cool.

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