Back At It Again
  • I'm happy to post we had another successful trip. We had to take a couple of weeks off due to the unfortunate circumstance of a death in the family of one of my teamates, but he came back, was feeling better, so we went back to work. The couple of down weeks gave us a lot of practice time and we felt even sharper than usual. We hit the casino thursday night and won about $7000 in only 6 hours using only shuffletracking and straight counting. Our spread was $50-$500 and we got no heat whatsoever. Friday night we lost $1500 of it back, the cards just didn't fall right when they were supposed to. But saturday we played a total of 10 hours and made close to $5000, bringing our trip total up to $10,500. Now we are planning a trip to Vegas the last week of August. None of us have been there before, and I would like some advice on where to go. What casinos are best for high stakes play? What in general should I know before we go out there? And should we stick to the 6 deck shoe games that we are familiar with, or are the DD and single deck games that much better to play that we should try them. I know sometimes even with a lesser amount of decks if the rules suck its not worth it to play. Basically what casinos have good games to play? We appreaciate any help.
  • Here is the Las Vegas Blackjack Survey (from, it's pretty recent too.

    This has house edges and various comments of some of the joints that offer good BJ games. It also lits high limit tables.

    May I ask what area you were in on the trip you mentioned?
  • Edwardsjm, We were in Atlantic City for the trip I just mentioned. I had some trouble recently getting booted from a casino so I'm a little hesitant to give exact details of where I was. Private message me and I could tell you a little more detail if you want. And thanks for the tip about where to find casinos in Vegas worth playing. Is there anyone out there who through personal experience found better playing conditions in certain casinos? If so where?
  • Oh I dont want any specifics, but I am amazed you did so well in AC, when did they reopen their casinos? I knew they closed down a few weeks ago.

    I mean, I thought most pros wrote off AC, did shuffle tracking give you the majority of the advantage? Did you find good 6 deck shoe games or is it all 8 decks?

    I dont have any advice on current playing conditions, I dont even live in the States, but you can subscribe to a newsletter here and fond out.

    Once I'm extremely comfortable with hi-lo, I may delve into shuffle tracking. I know the jist of it, try to find out where clumps of 10's or low cards are in the decks once shuffled, or possibly altering the beginning count by strategically using the cut card behind or in front of those clumps.
  • I think this is the first time anyone ever referred to me as a pro, I guess I am now that I play blackjack as my job.
    Atlantic City was only closed for a couple of days. Its been open since July 8th. They do have 6 deck hand shuffled games where we play at, but its only at the high stakes tables. The Borgata has all 6 deck games but you can't do anything there but count because they have automatic shufflers. I guess you could play the cut card placement game there, but its always so crowded it gets pretty hard to do.
    Yes, alot of our big wins came through shuffletracking, its starting to take over as our primary way of playing. Its not easy at first, and can cost you some money trying it before you really get it, but we have more time than most to practice and we had I think, one of the best teachers show us the ropes with it. I think that is important to learn it correctly from the beginning. You do have the right idea about it though. And I gotta tell you when you cut a big batch of high cards, and they start falling in your hands it is quite a rush.

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