Comp Questions
  • I have a couple of questions on comps.

    I'm planning a trip to Vegas and plan to flat bet $5. I only know BS so for me there's no reason to bet more per hand (other than splits and double-down).

    My question is:
    1) If I play for, say 6 hours, at this rate, what would be a reasonable expectation to get for comps.

    2) When do you get your comps? Say you get a free buffet or show tickets, do you have to ask for it or do they just give it to you?

    I've heard some say that if you're only betting $3 or $5, regardless of how long you play don't expect to get anything.
    If that's the case, what's the purpose of getting the club card and giving it to the dealer when you play (other than maybe getting $50 for $40)?

    I'm staying at the Sahara.
  • ZMan, Most reputable casinos have a basic formula for figuring out comps. Most times they base it on 30% of what they expect you to lose. On average it goes something like this, they figure that their average advantage is 2% they multiply that by average hands per hour say 60, than multiply that by your $5 hands, now multiply that by 30% and you come up with 1.8 dollars per hour. Thats really not that much comp money but the good thing is if you're playing basic strategy perfectly you are lowering your disadvantage to about .5% while the casino still figures it for 2% so you are getting comps for money you're not really losing. Just imagine if you were playing an advantage game, you could get your comps while at the same time you could have the percentages in your favor to be making money playing the game as well. To collect on your comps with that size action you're probably going to have to ask for them. I'd say if you are not an advantage player than its definitely worth it to get your players card and get all the comps you can to soften the blow of playing at a disadvantage.
  • When staying at the Sahara,sign up for a card because you get a chance to buy $50 in promo chips for $40,and a 2for1 buffet,just for signing up,unless they recently changed the rules.Thats $20 in your favor,from jump street.
    Remember-there is not much difference in what you'll be risking if instead of playing every hand at $5,you sit out a hand here and there, take a bathroom break every 40 minutes or so,and bet $10 a hand.
    Buy in at a crowded table,give them your card and make your first few bets $10.Pitboss will rate you as a $10 player. When he moves on,you can skip back and forth-$5/10 as you wish.Slow the table down-ask advice,even if you don't need it,sit out the remainder of the shoe when someone "messes with the sacred flow of the cards",take bathroom breaks,ect,ect.
    Three and a half hours at a crowded table playing every hand (200 hands) at $5=$1,000 risked. SAme time,playing 2/3 of the hands(120 hands)x$10=$1200 risked,but the pit boss will give you credit for a full$2,000 because he's tracking your time at the table,not hands played.So,you'll get comps that are at least doubled,yet risk only 20% more money.
    You do this for 6 hours a day and you should eat free most of your stay.
    After you've played a few hours,when the PB is at your table,compliment him and tell him how much you are enjoying playing in HIS pit. Make up a horror story about a terrible experiance in another casino,and how nice it is to find a comfortable place to play.Sit out a few hands while you talk to him,show him how important he is(while saving money). Suck up to him,he's the one writing your comps out,and trust me,your attitude makes a big difference here.
  • let me add that playing on the strip, they won't rate you for $5 min bets. I stay at the MGM when I go to vegas, usually, and they won't even take your player's card unless you are either (a) sitting at a $25 min table (or higher) or are playing at a $10 table but betting $25 or more (and often they just refuse to take player's cards at $10 tables).

    Also, finding a $5 game on the strip is very difficult. Maybe in the early morning, or at some of the older casinos like the Trop. But the Grand, Caesars, Mandalay, etc, usually start at $10 and on very busy nights you might find nothing below $25. Head downtown and you can generally find all the $5 action you want, and they are more likely to rate your play at that level as well, although don't expect room and food for that level of play. You might talk the pit out of a buffet or coffee-shop comp however...
  • Thats not entirely correct. Some casinos won't rate you,some will. Imperial Palace,Flamingo,Stardust,Circus Circus will,and I'd imagine down on their luck places like Riveria and Sahara will,as well.
    BTW-Check out THE RIDE while you are at the Sahara.
  • NYB said:
    .....BTW-Check out THE RIDE while you are at the Sahara.

    Definitely plan on doing that.
    Also, want to check out THE DRIVE at the Sahara. Sponsored by GM, you get to drive a Corvette, Solstice, Cadillac XLR, and some SUV's.
  • ZMan said:
    Definitely plan on doing that.
    Also, want to check out THE DRIVE at the Sahara. Sponsored by GM, you get to drive a Corvette, Solstice, Cadillac XLR, and some SUV's.

    The Drive is what I was referring to,although Speed,the Ride is pretty good,as well.

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