1st Time in Vegas
  • I just came from Vegas last week. I had played BJ21 before but I really didn't know what was behind the odds/etc and I used to play it without looking at the dealers card and just trying to make it to 21. So I was an amateur, or am.

    So I go to Vegas and while I'm waiting for my dad to get to the hotel I go into the Hotel's Casino (Las Vegas Hilton). I went in with $40 and started playing with the first dealer. Then this other dealer comes in, and starts challenging my calls. I was staying on a 15 and he had a 10 showing up. And he said: "You have to hit that, I have a 20" and I just went with the flow and was following his advice.

    He was really helpful, he was telling me what to do. So with the 40$ I went all the way up to 400$, but I had the chips organized in a manner that I thought I had 300$ so continued playing, I was kind of pissed of when I realized I had gone to 400$. Continued playing and I lost 100$ and ended up with 300$.

    My dad came hours later and we gambled at different casinos throughout the week, I printed the basic strategy table and was carrying it almost everywhere. The dealers/casinos didnt mind me having the table out, most where really helpful. At the end we won about $700 total.

    I also got invited by one of the supervisors to a BJ tournament. You had to get a same suit blackjack to get in it for free. I got two. So I signed up, I'd have to go to Vegas in November, I really don't think I'll be able too because of University. But that was kind of cool, the lady was treating me like a highroller, she thought I had been gambling for a while, hehe. Great experience, but it was kind of scary. I have an addictive personality and couldn't stop thinking about when I was going to gable again during the day and it felt really good, the adrenaline rush . You even disconnect from reality for a while.
  • Congrats on your good luck. But please be careful. If you can win it that fast you can also lose it that fast. And it WILL happen.
  • If you can win it that fast you can also lose it that fast. And it WILL happen

    I too congratulate you on your good luck and second the advice given above. :)

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