online black jack in general
  • Is it a good idea to gamble black jack online? If so, what are some good sites?
  • I don't know if it is a good idea or not lol, but I have no choice. we do not have casinos in this country.

    I play only at one casino Acropolis (click here) Casino and find it to be an honest casino when it comes to paying out your winnings.

    My best win just over a month ago was £4000 sterling and this was paid to me via a banker's draft. It took 3 weeks to arrive but it did arrive.
    Since then I have opened a neteller account so transfers to and from my bank are much faster.

    I am not an experienced BJ player, I just follow the BS rules and bet low until I hit a winning run, and I find that the larger your bet the less hands you win, however £25 a shot soon mounts up if you hit that run.

    I tried several times to increase my bet to first, £50 and then £100 but as yet I have never won that one even though I am sitting on 20 to the dealers 12!!!

    I can also never understand why I can predict what the dealer will get when I have a certain hand and I am betting high. ;)

    I do win there though, but I think the odds of doing so are less than at a normal casino.

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