Vegas Bound
  • My team and I are heading out to Vegas this coming week for the first time. We're armed with a $42,000 bankroll and a positive attitude. We are staying in a hotel off the strip as we've heard its better to not stay in the hotel of the casino you plan to be gambling at in case there's trouble. We plan on playing tables from $25 to $100, werever we can get a good game. Does anybody have any advice on where the best games at these limits are? From what I read The MGM Grand, The Bellagio, and the Wynn have good games. Is this true? What other options are good? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  • What type of game are you looking for? Shoe or pitch?With the wide variety of games to be had,a few more details are needed.
  • We are mostly looking for shoe games as that is what fits into what style of play we're used to and works with the way we play the game as a team. I'm sure we will try some pitch games but our primary plan is to capitalize on 6 deck shoe games.
  • Booker,

    I was there a couple months ago and didn't get to check out the casinos already mentioned due to it being 114 degrees but I played at the Monte Carlo and the shoe games there were decent.
  • Wynn has beatable games in both pitch and shoe. Just make sure you bring tons of money cause the table minimums on the good games are very high. Looked like all the beatable games were $100+? Check it out again. I only did a quick walk through. My bank roll isn't big enough to play on the Strip. I just went to Wynn to observe some rich ploppies loose insane amounts of cash LOL. All the tables with CSMs were packed to the gills and the majority of the games looked like they had CSMs anyways. What a joke.

    It is getting to the point where it is blatantly obvious where the good games are in those type of places. All you have to do is look for the higher table minimums and those are the games that are usually good on the strip. You'll notice those tables with insane minimum bets don't have CSMs or ASMs and are hand shuffeled and have S17 and DAS and all of the other rules you would be looking for. Basically if you want in on an excellent game on the Strip then you have to pay the price to play.

    Good pitch games on the strip are usually only to be found in the high rollers pit area. Otherwise I would say there are plenty of beatable 6D to be found in various places on the strip.

    I just got back from Vegas the beginning of August and those were my observations.

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