Top Overall & Difficult Mode Score
  • 1. God, from Heaven with 100?!?!?!?!?

    Is this some sort of practical joke or something? Ain't no way someone could click the mouse 5 times in 1 second in order to produce that type of irrational score.
  • Excuse me? But after over 100 views, someone could be nice enough to bloody RESPOND... please.
  • I don't understand how someone could hit the buttons that quick either. Sorry, can't help ya.
  • I think "God" figured out how to hack into the system and give himself a 100.
  • 21 is the best I've been able to get.
  • There may be some confusion in the posting of scores.
    In order to get into the bonus round, everyone must score 100.

    The next column gives the number of bonus points, at this time I think the high for "normal" is 32 and the all-time difficult high is 53.

    By the way, all of these scores are way about what I think is realistic for correct bj moves. I realize the point to develop a level of "automaticity" - not needing to think about the correct move, you just "know" it. But I still think some of the bonus point totals are completely absurd!

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