No check for blackjack on Ten!!!!
  • I was at this casino that did not check for blackjack if a ten was up, only if an ace was up the hands where played out if the ten was up with an ace hidden. If you got to 21 you pushed on the dealer's blackjack. I was wondering how much this might add to the players edge?
    If you got a blackjack yourself you won unless the dealer got a blackjack.
    It was on a single deck game with normal rules that you could only double down on 10 and 11.
  • I got in a huge argument w/ a friend the other night about this! She insists that there is no casino in North America that doesn't check for BJ on a 10 and I know I have played where the dealer doesn't check....just can't remember where! Could anyone PLEASE provide the name of casinos that don't check for BJ if dealer is showing a 10?! This would be a huge victory for me! Male pride is on the line!
  • It is Diamonds casino in reno it is a shitty little casino that I thought was really dirty. They only had a $2 minimum on blackjack so it made the game easier to beat on a small bankroll.
  • Has anyone played in Lake Tahoe? I had one bad experience with an autoshuffler there. I can't remember the name of the place. I think there were only about two casinos in Tahoe but it has been a while.

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