Philippines Blackjack
  • BJ there is tight, at this one casino I played in Manila they have all the advantage rules, including EARLY SURRENDER... but, instead of dealing themselves 2 cards along with the other players, they put 1 card to the side, then deal themselves the card underneath.

    In addition, if showing an Ace and when they ask Insurance, they dont check if they have BJ until AFTER everyone makes there hand decisions, so it'd be messed up if you split or DD when they had BJ cuz you'd lose everything. How much does THAT decrease your EV because without that, I looked up the EV for Early Surrender/6 decks and it's -.19% meaning we have the adv.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what I'm saying?
  • Bug this sounds like a European variant. As such, the dealer does not play the hand until the players have settled theirs if I understand you correctly.

    This move eliminates DD vs. dealer exposed 10 and A, due to the LOSE ALL rule you point out. Also DO NOT SPLIT A's against a dealer Ace.

    My best educated guess is to add back 0.22% giving the house a very small advantage of 0.02 to 0.04%. Its still an "even" game.

  • The heat is on for adv. Playahs

  • Why do you say that?
  • In Manila they burn six cards after reshuffling a new shoe. Then they burn a card before dealing every time, then put one card to the side before dealing themselves the second card. I have tried to figure out what strategy engine to use or even what their advantage is, but I can't tell. They do have early surrender against everything except an Ace.
  • I don't think that it matters if they burn cards like that. After all, you do not and can not know the order of the cards anyway. So the ONLY affect that it will have is reduced penatration. So just stand back for a shoe and see how many cards are discarded and add that number to the ~# of decks or % of a deck that they cut off.

    They could be burning more high cards or more low cards it really doesn't matter. They would be contained in the 25% of a shoe in U.S. games anyway.

    IMOP, I think that its just a display of stupidity that makes the casino feel more secure.
  • The European No Hole Card rule is quite common outside the U.S. and you must change your basic strategy when it comes to doubles and splits vs the dealer ace or 10. When combined with good rules such as early surrender, it is not a bad game but know the rules.

  • Miguk- The Manila casino don't intend for the player to win, even with good rules. When you count cards, the first burn of six cards can make the plays that are are close to neutral iffy. 16 v 10 and 12 v 4 are just two examples.

    Take the situation where you are playing head to head with the dealer. To get thru 3 decks will take about 20-22 rounds and this allows for the burn of one card for each round. Total burn is 22 +6=28 cards that you will never see and are not a part of the last three decks that remains.

    Now suppose after 3 decks you have a count of +2 and your bet is 6-8 units.
    That would be a running count of +6/3=+2 true, but is that an absolute indication of the distribution accross the last three decks? No it is not. At times, when the burn cards are equal in small and large cards, there is no real problem. But, even then, when you have your bigger bets out there, the dealer has about a 20% chance of burning your ace or 10 (the burn cards for the last few hands).

    In the US, the burn card don't have an effect on average(one card), but to burn a half deck during play is a differenty story.
  • I still don't believe that it makes much diff. behond penatration lvls.
    A's &/or tens could be cut from the deck at the start of a shoe in a U.S. game. Some: A's, T's, 2-6's wont show up in U.S. or other games (at the end of the shoe). It will either help you or hurt you, but in the long run they will burn just as many high cards as low card so........yah.......thats all im gunna say.

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