any good reading on internet ?
  • Is their any good reading on the subject of blackjack on the internet, or is your only option books ?

    thnx all
  • It has a good free message board and I think a basic blackjack school, but more on the paid side.

    Either, blackjack forum or blackjack insider has an archive of old articles that might be what you are looking for. Some of this may be free or not.

  • Golfnut...I would think as an Investigator for an Atorney you would be the first to understand that the internet is infinite. Hundreds of thousands of articles/theories from past Mastor's and Crossroad Hustlers. Good Luck, and just keep investigating. I'm sure you will do your job and then let us know where to go based on your experience. This way, you can do the research and we'll continue tapping our fingers on CVBJ waiting for your updates.
  • This link should get you started:

  • Sonny/17

    thnx for the reply. Countslow, I cant help but laugh at your posts, they are most humorous:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • hi golfnut,
    go to Arnold Snyders'
    lots of great stuff-Richard Munchkin interviews with Tommy Hyland,Johnny Chang,others.
  • thnx Rogue !

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