Ties win blackjack!!!
  • Have any of you heard of this version of blackjack where ties win? You only have two options when playing hit or stand. You are not allowed to double or split. But if you tie the dealer you get a payoff of two to one. With perfect stragedy the house has .15% advantage. Plus they do offer the insurance bet on the game. I was just wondering if any of you have seen or heard about this game?
  • I've heard of it described at wizardofodds.com. But the way he describes it, it there is a tie, you get paid one to two. Not two to one. That is, you get paid half your bet. If you bet $10 and there is a tie, you get paid $5.
  • You do get paid half your bet instead of two times your bet. On wizard of odds it says the house only has .07% advantage less than ordinary blackjack!

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