Logic behind counting down deck in 20 sec's?
  • Why is this so important? What am I missing?

    Thanks, Jim
  • Stress is your enemy in any complex process. The more time required, the more stress generated. The result is mistakes and uncertainty.
  • The faster you can do it, the more nonchalant you can make it look.
  • The quicker you can count the cards,the more time you have to engage in meaningless conversation with people you have no desire to ever run in to again.
  • I think Leon said it perfectly. If you are counting too slowly or concentrating too hard then you will look obvious.

    Also, playing faster will win you more money. If you can't keep up with the dealer then you are hurting your win rate. There should never be a time when the dealer is waiting for you, only the other way around.

    That will also free up your mind for other purposes during play. Maybe you want to sequence an ace or two. Maybe you want to track the first deck through the shuffle. Maybe you want to beat a side bet. Maybe you want to look for hole cards. Even a little extra info can be a big advantage. After a while you'll find that straight counting is actually pretty boring. Then you'll have "free time" at the tables to start using other techniques to increase your win rate.

    In addition, you will need that extreme counting speed when backcounting. You may walk up to a table full of cards and have to count them all in 3-4 seconds before the dealer discards them. If you don't get them all fast enough then you might miss a good opportunity.

    Although 20 seconds should be every player's goal, I think you can get away with anything under 30 seconds and still be capable of playing at casino speed. You won't be great, but you'll be good enough in my opinion.

  • I cetainly appreciate replies. Now it makes sense to me.


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