The american public sucks at math!!!
  • I find this to be especially true in casinos. One person when asked why are you playing 6 to 5 blackjack when 3 to 2 is offered his response "I thought that 6 to 5 was more than 3 to 2!!!" That's third or fourth grade math!! Second there are two roulette games in the same casino write next to each other one has 2 zeros and the other has 1 there are people playing on the 2 zero one when the one zero has half the edge!! One time a told a player that had a 16 vs my 7 that he would win 12% more often if he hit his hand and he deciced to stay!!!
  • Sum of the American publick don't spell very well, ether.
  • I can spel.
  • sez u!!!!!!!
  • If it weren't for card counting I couldn't count at all! :laugh:

  • I have difficulty counting Aces. Some of them are 11 but sometimes its only 1. This really messes up my average score. ;o)
  • Practice,Practice,Practice,Practice,Practice,Practice,Practice,Practice,Practice,Practice,

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