Why do casinos REALLY fear card counters?
  • The more I read up on card counting, the more I really have to wonder why casinos even go through the trouble of defending against card counters. When I keep reading statements like "not only can a card counter have a losing session, he can have a losing year!" and "I would say that about 99% of card counters are losing money, not making any" and "even if you're a good counter, it's extremely difficult to make a living playing blackjack" it seems like the number of people out there who really pose any real threat to casinos is so insignificant as to barely even warrant notice. And for those who are actually winning any significant amount of money, the amount the casinos are losing is NOTHING compared to the vasts sums they are making of every blackjack player who is losing money, not to mention all the cash they are making off of every other table game, slots, etc.
  • The only counters that present a reason for casino paranoia are well financed teams and a high rolling counter. Only morons in the pit and eye (and there are some) can not figure out a high rolling counter and some good teams, even two person teams, can be a challenge.
    But casinos are greedy, some casino execs have stated that they spend more money trying to prevent counting than counting takes from them, but the overall way of doing things is to try to prevent anyone from using their brains on the tables, though some casinos do have a tolerance level.

    Today you have more people in charge of games that have little or no actual gtaming experience than probably ever before. The guy making the decision on the casinos rules and their tolerance is a guy who just crunches numbers. I find it amazing that some casinos that have horrible games where a good counter probably would not play because it is just too difficult to get an edge, will quickly back off people they think are counting. What they in fact land up doing is backing off a counter who is most likely a losing counter because he fails to choose good games. Of course then there are some sweatshops that have good games and know it, but they often back off anyone who shows any sign of a spread and back off losing progression players as often as real counters.

    Overall, many casino execs over estimate the power of counting and over react to the point of costing them money. No winners allowed!


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