Hitting hard 14 vs 2?
  • What do you think of this play? I have read that if the count is negative that you can have a significantly better chance of winning by hitting hard 14 vs a 2. A 2 is a really dangerous card for the dealer to have in a negative count.
  • In a really negative count,its time to take a bathroom break.
  • Learning...how negative? -1, -7, ?
  • NYB said:
    In a really negative count,its time to take a bathroom break.

    That is _exactly_ the right idea. But even if you play, you should at least have a minimum bet out, and that makes this decision not very important. Your wins/losses are a result of the plays when you have big bets out, not the tiny bets. Tiny bets are the times where you might choose to play with cover-type actions since the loss is less significant...
  • hitting 14 vs a 2 in a -1 count I heard makes you lose less money than standing.
  • Is that right? I thought 13 v. 2 was the marginal one in the negative count. I would think 14 v. 2 would take more.
  • hitting a hard 13 vs a 2 is marginal you will win about 1 percent more hands by hitting that in a neutral to a plus 1 count in negative count hitting a 13 vs 2 will help you win even more hands.
    Hitting 14 vs a 2 needs a negative count where as hitting 13 vs a 2 requires only a neutral to plus 1 count. Hitting 13 vs 2 is the most marginal play in basic stragedy. Hitting 14 vs a 2 is not in basic stragedy and only should be done by card counters in a negative count when they know that they have a low likely hood of busting.
  • I don't think that's right. Basic strategy says 12 v. 2 hit. 12 v. 3 hit. But 13 v. 2 stand. Although I think you are right in that it is the most marginal play (or at least one of the most).
  • of course it isn't right. If you stand on 13 vs 2, the EV is -0.2928, if you hit, it is -0.3078. Hitting is worse. Although it is a pretty close play and is not going to have much of an effect on your overall EV since this is a "small bet play"...
  • Doubling for less,with a minimum first bet is a great play on these two hands,especially if the pitboss is hanging around.
    Be sure to hi-5 everyone when you hit a good card,and mutter when you bust.

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