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  • Did anyone hear about the guys from the MIT team being on HBO next week. I read about it on their website Its sounds like it might be pretty cool. They are supposedly showing them in a casino actually playing, I didn't think they could even play anymore. I've read a lot about these guys, it'll be nice to actually see them in action. Its being shown on the show Real Sports on HBO November 21 at 10:00pm EST.
  • TCash-
    Thanks for the info. I'm really looking forward to seeing that!
  • Not only are they playing under the watchful eye of a hidden camera, you get to see an actual backoff of Mike. For those who have never experienced such a thing I think you will find this particular part quite interesting. I think you also might see how blatant you have to be to get backed off. The fact Mike and Dave can still get through the doors and play at all speaks volumes on how someone with a fresh face can play this game for a long time without the constant paranoia that they're going to get booted at any second. It doesn't mean play without caution, just don't worry so much about risk that you actually weaken your game. Anyway, the whole segment should be very interesting and I think most any advantage player will enjoy it.
  • Bojack, did you watch it since your post was at 10:59 and show started at 10PM?
  • Yes I did watch it, actually my post was at 6:59 EST so it was about 3 hours before it aired. I was wondering for those that viewed it what did you think.
  • It was an interesting segment, though nothing new, as I recently read "Bringing Down the House." I thought it was a bit unrealistic in talking about how much money they made each trip - like they never had a down day. The most interesting part was the commentary by the moderator about how "unamerican" the bannings are.
  • At least in my area(Canada) we do not get this show...oh how this country sucks sometimes ! Was really looking forward to this. Bojack, would this air on any other show in future ?
  • They suggest more than once that "to do this" you've got to be like a math genius,M.I.T. type guy. I enjoyed it but find it funny that they like people to believe you've got to be brilliant to count cards.
  • rogue1 said:
    They suggest more than once that "to do this" you've got to be like a math genius,M.I.T. type guy. I enjoyed it but find it funny that they like people to believe you've got to be brilliant to count cards.

    When you say they suggest to do this you must be a genius, I assume you're talking about the interviewer and Bryant Gumbel, and not Mike and Dave from MIT. They never say that anybody needs to be a genius to count cards. But it is true that there are many more bad counters out there than good ones and thats what the casino loves. You don't have to be a genius to count cards, but you can't go about it thinking it takes no brains or dedication either. With the small advantage you work so hard to get, there is little room for error to actually capitalize on it. Its not that there aren't enough genius' out there, there aren't enough people willing to put the time in to really learn the proper way of gaining and utilizing the advantage.

    Mike and Dave train a lot of people to play advantage blackjack. They definitely do not want to turn people off to it by saying you have to be a genius to do it. However they don't mind if the general public puts the "genius" label on it in which case most would assume it can't be done, leaving the assumption that there really aren't any real card counters out there. In turn as an AP its less likely to be spotted if they think you're incapable of it. Most believe winning comes from luck and not real skill, thats fine with me as long as I have the ability to generate a portion of my so called luck with my brain, let them think what they want.
  • First allow me to thank you for all the great information you've shared with the rest of us on this board.
    Secondly,I totally agree with every word in your last message. I never meant to insinuate that Mike or Dave said anything at all to suggest that counters need to be genius types.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!
  • Not everybody subscribes to HBO it is premium channel that I pay $14 a month for includes 6 other HBO channels and I think that it is a good deal because there is so much good programing on their. The Mit special was on real sports I was a little suprised they would have something on blackjack on real sports.
  • I nominatie Bojack for the " Top November Forum Player of the Month Award"

    No, sincerely Bojack, thanks for all your assistance and participation in helping us all in the forum.

    Jim P
  • I must say that I enjoyed watching the segment on HBO last night. In recent months my mind about counting has been changed by unknowingly actually witnessing Bojack methodically beat the hell out of the casino in just a few hours. After seeing the guys from MIT do it on TV last night, it just strengthens my new found belief that it can be done. I have yet to do it myself, but I'm trying. From what I've learned lately though, I also believe there are different levels of skill of advantage players, and unfortunately most might not achieve the level of success of those like Bojack and the boys from MIT. Not to say it can't be done, but I think its more than just luck that those guys from MIT could make $4000 on a $10,000 bankroll in just a few hours. I mean their story would be less impressive if they took a beating in front of the cameras, so I imagine they were fairly confident going in they weren't going to lose. I know everybody loses at this game sometimes no matter how good you are, but I think some are more able to be in control of it than others. It also got me to thinking if there are still MIT teams out there when they said that even though they really can't play anymore, they are making sure there will always be more counters to follow. Very interesting.

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