Bonus Round
  • Is the bonus round 1 minute as stated in the rules or 20 seconds?
  • It's 20 seconds.

    I'd also like to know how the heck someone can get a score of 1,004,080 and get 85 bonus points. (under all time difficult scores)

    I can't see any possible way to get a score higher than 100, and the bonus score of 85 means he took 0.23 seconds per hand to make a decision. If you just sit there and click your mouse it pretty much takes 20 seconds to click it 85 times, and that's without deciding which action to take, and moving the mouse over to click a certain button. :confused:
  • The highest possible score is a 100% with bonus points you need a minimum score of 100% to get to the bonus round. 85 bonus points is not the top score it is 31. If you can't make it to the bonus round at least 7-10 times than you don't know enough basic stragedy to ever win in a casino over an 8 hour time period.

    My personal best is 100% with 15 bonus points. Shot for your personal best.
  • Why does it show in the rules that the bonus round is 1 minute? I still find it hard to believe that there are scores above 30 in 20 seconds.
  • Gives us something to strive for,eh?
  • This is Shockwave... its either been hacked or botnikked, or both.

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