Card Counters not welcome!!!
  • I feel at the Casinos don't welcome card counters as much as the welcome the drunk ploppy. I feel as a person who does not break any of the casino rules that they have that I should be allowed to play. Maybe I could even do a commerical for the casino that I'm winning at. If somebody wins a $100,000 playing slots they get their picture taken and are used as advertisements! Why can't they do the same thing at the blackjack table this guy won $300 at the blackjack table and you can too!!!
    If you caught card countimg at my casino we will ask you to leave!!!
  • Win big at slots and the casino knows that you were just lucky and had your money in the right machine at the right time. The game is fixed, not fixed in knowing who will win but fixed meaning that the casino knows they will win X% over a period of time.

    In the game of blackjack, expert play overturns the house edge and gives the player an edge. To do this one needs to use their brain and nothing else. Should the casino figure out that you are in fact doing the horrible act of thinking at their tables, they can and sometimes do refuse to deal to you.

    Amazingly or not amazingly, there are many casinos with a tolerance level where they will let a red chip or even a lower level green chip player count and spread and not back that player off even though they know he is a counter. Once you reach the level of chunky green and black or higher, tolerance is gone and talent is what is needed for long term play.

  • Everyone likes to read a story of gifted player making a score in Vegas. I believe Casino counter notebook written in pencil, also to Casino benefit at various times. You may receive a free pass tonight, but within a reasonable/sometimes unreasonable period of time they will tell you how good you are, being a perfect gentlemen, and then tell you your barred from playing blackjack. You can find a 6D, S17, MSE, LS,75-80% pen, etc. if you look for them. Every AP playing in Vegas at the time will also find them. Good. If I'm just out for the cost of entertainment I may just play a half dozen B.S shoes and then pick out a "horse" at the table and follow his betting. Normally I would just backcount these tables in AC. They have tightened up the NME rules in most, but still a few left outside high betting room. I always carry a dozen plastic BS charts in my pocket during my first walk around. If I'm backcounting a game and see a real tolerable poppy that I feel approachable, I will start a conversation and give her a card. Most accept and at the same time I can use her to make my BC play during full tables thereafter. I'll cover her bet for control. Of course this all depends on how much "social conditioning" LOL (love that term) ...but that's work. I can count, but have been in business situations with partner, new client, etc. that prevents me from counting down every shoe. I'll count down first three shoes and monitor play of table during pos/neg situations. If there is an AP at the table I think a have a 50% shot at tagging him. I'll follow him until I notice a short play. Leave table and backcount into another. I am not, nor will I ever be sharp enough to get away with this in Vegas. No fear reality of backcounting.

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