• Wow........Never saw the board this dead.

    Since no one is talkin' blackjack, anyone want to talk hold 'em?

    Or is that against the rules?

  • Grifter- I think what has happened is that the large number of nonsense post has reduced the interest level down close to zero. Several days back I tried a sort of information post (how I play) and Sonny responded with some additional info, but I'm afraid it was too late.

    Maybe what has happened is a good thing and we may be able to talk about the important stuff in the future. More like how to beat this game. I don't think I'll ever post again in response to all the BS that we have seen lately.

    Played a lot in Jan, but Feb has just been too damn cold to risk being on the road............
  • Ray - I hear you loud and clear about the nonsense posts. Been a ton of them over the last month or so......I about fell off my chair laughing the other day when the "youngin" referred to himself as a card shark.

    I think a lot of the problem is that the "players" who used to post here simply aren't bothering (like you). Anything that is brought up is either answered by a computer weinie and/or someone who has less experience and knowledge than the person asking.

    I also hear you loud and clear about the cold weather. After eight years in the southwest this midwest cold is brutal........BUT it sure makes for good poker games 'cause everyone wants to stay inside......I kid you not, I could be playing six/seven hours a day every day of the week in this area (and poker ain't even legal....lol).

  • Grif -- Curious, what's your poker strong suit? Limit Hold'em? No Limit? How 'bout Omaha or Stud -8 or better? What do you mostly play here in the Midwest?
  • Fred - I'm in the eastern part of the midwest........around here (say 30 mile radius) during the day during week I'd say 90% of the games are Limit. On the weekends when there are more kids and TVA's playing, NL probably goes up to maybe 20%, including mini-tournaments.......Limit is simply the game of choice around here. There is some Omaha and Stud, but not that much.....My strong suit (such as it is) is Limit. I simply haven't played and studied the other games like you have.


    p.s......Sold a book for you yesterday. Guy from Kansas wanted to know about the A-10 Frontcount. I sent him a three paragraph synopsis and told him to buy your book if he really wanted to learn it.....lol
  • Bump.

    heh heh
  • It ain't dead yet.

    Been riding low betting 1-3 most of the spring on the E Coast. Now that spring has finally sprung, time to hibernate from gamesmanship. Two good sessions, two bad ones and a bunch of little good ones in between. A5 and T5 each did reach their yearly limits. The larger question remains, do I wanna risk it after the kiddies get back to school. Right now, I happy with the with the pesos, but that new Athlon X2 6000+ looks a bit inviting as does that new plasma (2nd one: will trade up). Might need a new lawn-mower...... you know...

    Griff/// I actually liked the internet form of TH. no see-um, just play the cards by the pot and the strength. Foxwoods still quite the poker palace here.

    Heres one for ya... at a 3/6 game:

    I have 8c9c pocket... calls.
    called a raise.
    Flop is Kd 7c 10c
    3 then raised to 6... call
    turn 6c
    bet 6
    raised to 12 one guy folds another calls... I call
    all call
    river Kc
    I come out 6
    raised to 12
    raised to 18
    peek at hole again... yup 8c9c
    all call

    the 12 raise was Ac high flush 10d side
    but the 18 raise was Ks Kh !!!!!!
    and I laid down the gutshot straight flush.

    4 Kings of pain. That left a mark fer sure.


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