• Hi all,
    We are going to Reno for St.Pat's day. ( March 15-18 ) We are going to hang out around Fitzgerald's, Eldorado, Harrah's ect. I just get to play BJ a couple times a year so I don't count cards, but do play exact basic strategy with no mistakes. Who can tell me where their games are to play?
    Any advice will come in handy.
  • Has nobody played in Reno?
  • earp said:
    Has nobody played in Reno?

    Have not been there in 2.5 years. Last time I found some good SD and DD games scattered around. But I can't make an intelligent comment about conditions today, seeing as how conditions _everywhere_ seem to be going downhill...
  • Especially if you play at the Eldorado the have mindplay there for there better games and offer 6 to 5 blackjack. If there is one thing that is certain about 6 to 5 blackjack is you will lose in almost any 1-2 hour session. They have a double deck game that is about average double any two no double after a split blackjack pays 3 to 2. They also have a single deck game double 10-11 only blackjack pays 3 to 2 this game is 3 times better than the 6 to 5 game that they offer in the same casino.
    I know that luck is irrevalant in blackjack and that in the end it is all skill but I have not had that much luck when playing at the Eldorado. I person think it is because they have average to shitty rules. The place where I had the most luck and can't play blackjack any more at is at Boomtown the place with the best blackjack rules in the lake Tahoe area.
  • You keep mentioning the rules, but far more important (to a counter) is the penetration. I'd far rather play a H17 D10/11 game with 80% pen than a S17 DA2 50% pen game (assuming double deck).
  • I don't know what the penetration is going to be but I much rather have better rules than pentration. I have been in the same casino and 2 different dealers gave me to different levels of penetration one female only gave me 30% penetration and the guy gave me 75% to 80% penetration in the casino.
    My point is that penetration varies from dealer to dealer. If the house has been getting killed expect for there to be less penetration, if the dealer has been just killing everybody expect for penetration to be good. If you ask the dealer has it been going and he says that it has been brutal those are the best words that he could outter out of his mouth. For 2 reasons one he probably expects his luck to change and to people start winning a little bit and 2 he will probably give you better pentration.

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