i can finally post.
  • i have been on this forum for about a week. and this is my first time being able to post. i know how to count, and know BS, but i have problems keeping count while playing. i went to the casino last night to blow 50$ just playing BS. but i can out with about bouble what i went in with. i tried to count, and the dealer was dealing pretty damn slow, but i just kept forgetting to check the cards and keep the count. i was flat betting regardless of the count tho. my girlfriend was also there with me, she went out with my mother and step father went to play bingo. when that was done, she came watched me play. she ended up telling me to switch tables when the table was full cuz we were playing 1 deck and he was shuffling too much for her :P i really dont know why im rambling, so ill leave it at this and say this is my introduction i guess.
  • it takes a little while to get used to the glitz and bustle in a casino. Once that wears off, counting is easy enough. But you have to get past the point of being distracted by everything that happens.

    Then you have to learn to get past the distraction of your own playing where you spend too much mental energy on making playing decisions and then worrying about whether you will win or lose, and before you know it, cards have been raked that you forgot to count.
  • my plays come to my mind automatically so i dont think that will distract me. but i do understand what you are saying.
  • right after my original post in this thread i never read it. but i checked to re-read everything, and i realized it looked like i was drunk or from another country the way i was writing. i really dont know why all my sentances were messed up. i think maybe i had a ton of stuff on my mind as i was posting that....

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